Hennepin Hall

Hennepin Hall

Traditional double-occupancy rooms as well as 4-and 6-person suites

Hennepin Hall currently houses approximately 480 students in a six-story residence hall.  Men reside on the first and second floors (double occupancy). Women reside on the third and fourth floor (double occupancy). Men and women both live on the fifth and sixth floor separated by wing (suite-style occupancy).

Hennepin Hall is named after Fr. Louis Hennepin, a Catholic priest who left France in 1679 to explore North America. He was part of the exploration that first recorded seeing Niagara Falls and St. Anthony Falls (Minneapolis). 

Hennepin Hall Rooms

Below you will find floor plans for the rooms available in Hennepin Hall (double occupancy, 4- and 6-person suites) as well as the furnishings:

Double Occupancy Room: Average Dimensions: 10'10
Double Occupancy Room: Average Dimensions: 10'10" x 15'10"
6-Person Suite: Each room (total of 3) is approx. 10'10
6-Person Suite: Each room (total of 3) is approx. 10'10" x 15'10"
4-Person Suite: Each Room (total of 2) is approx. 10'10
4-Person Suite: Each Room (total of 2) is approx. 10'10" x 15'10"
  • 1 Bed per student
  • 1 Desk per student
  • 1 Dresser per student
  • 1 Closet (either built-in or standing wardrobe closet)
  • 1 Chair per student
  • Cable TV jack (Basic cable is included)
  • Ethernet connection for each student
  • Wireless Internet Access
Hennepin Hall Amenities
  • Vending available in main lobby/entrance area 
  • Laundry room on the 1st floor with access to 10 washers and 12 dryers 
  • Franciscan Values Lounge - Conference room with couches and computer projector and screen 
  • 1st Floor Computer Lounge - 2 computers and a printer 
  • Lobby - TV, pool table, couches, and chairs 
  • 3rd Floor - Study lounge with tables, chairs, and couches 
  • 4th Floor - Study lounge with tables, chairs, and couches 

Hennepin Hall Staff and Community

Hennepin Hall is staffed by a live-in professional Residence Director who is responsible for the day-to-day operations of Hennepin Hall, including maintenance and facilities concerns, mediating conflicts between students, supervision of paraprofessional Resident Assistant staff, adjudicating violations of the Siena College student code of conduct, and many other responsibilities. The Residence Director of Hennepin Hall is Ms. Kathleen Gargan. 

Also working in Hennepin Hall are 12 Resident Assistants, who are student-leaders living on each floor of the residence hall who serve as peer mentors and role models for the residents of the building. RAs go through an in-depth training every August and January to provide them with the skills necessary to ensure all residents of Hennepin Hall feel welcomed and safe in the residence hall. 

RAs plan social, academic, spiritual, diversity, wellness, and service programs for the residents of the building to help get them involved in the Siena Community and develop their skills as students and leaders on campus. Each RA hosts at least 4 programs a semester, so in Hennepin Hall alone that is at least of 48 chances a semester to become involved, meet your peers, and learn new skills! Some previous RA programs have included a service trip to Rotterdam Junction after Hurricane Irene, making Lenten pretzels, a business etiquette dinner, and various hall dinners.