As a Siena English major, you can expect small, engaged classes taught by professors focused on your journey. You'll encounter enriching, enduring works of literature, explore new perspectives, build cultural knowledge, learn to form logical, evidenced arguments as well as develop an original communication style. Students especially enjoy our special topics courses which range from Women, Gender and Trauma in Literature to The Horror Novel to Crime in Literature and more. 

Nearly 60 percent of English majors do an internship at sites like:

  • Cengage Learning
  • HerCampus
  • New York State
  • Times Union
  • Saratoga Living Magazine
  • WAMC
  • WTEN

Your Future Success

Siena English majors often go on to careers in education or journalism, but many also pursue business, law, medicine, public service, theater and counseling. Recent grads' job titles include: attorney, teacher, marketing manager, communications manager, account executive, data analyst, events manager, educational director and more.