At some point in your journey to Siena, you'll have a choice to make: live here or elsewhere? 

First things first. Every student, regardless of where he or she lives, will always feel welcome, safe, respected, and at home on our campus. It's the Siena way. 

That said, we really believe that living here makes it easier to fully immerse yourself in college life, focus on your studies, and absorb all that Siena has to offer. So if it were up to us, we'd be handing you a key, showing you to your dorm room, and meeting you later for some serious foosball action. 


Freshman Year

Hines Hall, Plassman Hall, and Ryan Hall : 
The fastest way to meet friends in your first few days as a Saint: the freshman communities in our traditional-style residence halls. The building amenities include: doubles, triples, and quads, with building amenities like lounge spaces, foosball, flat-screen TVs, Ping-Pong and pool tables, laundry areas and more. 

Sophomore Year

Plassman Hall, Hennepin Hall and Padua Hall: 
New choices, more amenities. Second-year Saints gain access to suite-style living, exercise rooms, kitchenettes (goodbye, MicroFridge!), private bathrooms, and proximity to some of the nicest outdoor spots on campus. Ever heard of Padua Beach?

Junior & Senior Year

Hennepin Hall, Padua Hall, Snyder Hall, Cushing Village, and MacClosky Square: 
Seniority has its perks. Now's when you can choose between suites or our famed on-campus townhomes—picturesque two-story buildings and bedrooms, living rooms, full kitchens, study areas and laundry facilities. It's as real world as you can get, while still living right on campus.