Want to really get to know Siena—beyond our student/faculty ratio, academic offerings and retention rate? There are quite a few things all Saints know, that you wouldn't necessarily hear about unless you sat down with one and asked for the inside scoop. Here, we'll spill some of those little-known facts to show you more of what it means to be a student here.1. Saga sitting. Prior to its rededication in 2014, Lonnstrom Dining Hall was called Serra Hall. At that time, our campus' food supplier was Saga (now we use AVI). Years later, many students haven't been able to shake the former suppliers' name. As a result, the glorified "sport" of Saga-sitting lives on. That's what our students call it when they spend most of their day in the dining hall. We don't blame them.

2. Padua beach. As temperatures rise in the Capital Region, students flock to the grassy area (dubbed "the beach") located just outside of Padua Hall, one of our residence halls. On a sunny day, you'll see students sunbathing, studying or playing "Spike Ball" with friends.

3. Always hold the door open. No matter how far away the next person is, or how long you have to hold it for, Saints hold the door for everyone. In fact, this is so ingrained in our routines that not holding the door open for someone else feels wrong. It's just one of those Siena things.

4. Blessing of the Brains. Every semester before finals week, students are invited to receive a blessing from the College Chaplain. The annual saying, "May God bless you and open your mind with wisdom and understanding," is meant to offer you spiritual guidance prior to exams.

5. Home-baked potato chips. You'll find them in Lonnstrom Dining Hall in the bin on the counter. They're made right here on our campus and are unlike any other salty snack you've ever had. Guaranteed.

6. Mr. Siena. The annual student-run male beauty pageant is a can't-miss event on our campus. Contestants perform choreographed dances and creative skits in hopes of being named "Mr. Siena" by a panel of judges. The crown goes to the best performer and the proceeds go to Habitat for Humanity. Win-win.

7. Coffeehouse. Not to be confused with our freshly brewed Starbucks drinks, Coffeehouse is an event held every Thursday night at Casey's by the Student Events Board. Students are welcome to participate—or spectate—at open mic night, karaoke and more. Another reason to attend: Casey's serves breakfast sandwiches...all day.

8. Dog Pound. It's the official fan club of Siena Athletics, and one of our most popular clubs on campus. Dog Pound membership, which costs just $35 for the year, includes transporation and admission to all of Siena Athletics' home events and official Dog Pound swag.

9. The Grotto. Modeled after the famous shrine in Lourdes, France, this beautifully detailed stone structure serves as a place of hope, healing or reflection for the entire Siena community. Insider tidbit: our athletic teams receive blessings at the Grotto before major competitions!

10. Therapy dogs. To relieve stress leading up to midterm week, dogs are brought to campus from the Mohawk Hudson Humane Society. Nothing will improve your pre-test morale faster than puppy kisses. P.S. The dogs are all up for adoption!

11. Franks With Friars. Our friars are just like everyone else at Siena—friendly, approachable and always down for a good meal. Every fall, the friars take to the Paddock to grill hot dogs for all of our students. Extra ketchup, anyone?

12. Green and gold Thursdays. Students are encouraged to show off their Siena pride by wearing school colors on campus every Thursday. Trust us, as a student, you'll have plenty of green and gold apparel to choose from.

Now that you know about some of Siena's hidden gems, come experience them for yourself...

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