When people think of New York, they often immediately think of New York City. And we get it: There’s a lot to love about the five boroughs three hours south of us.

But that said, we wouldn’t relocate Siena’s peaceful upstate suburban campus if we had the choice.
Center for International Studies

Where Will Fulbright Take You?

A new six-week online workshop aims to give Siena students an edge in the Fulbright application process.
School of Liberal Arts, Academics

Congratulations, You're Hired!

Former classmates were once partners in group projects. They're now doing near identical work at competing TV stations.
School of Science, Physics & Astronomy

Keeping Their Heads in the Cloud (chamber)

For several years, physics students at Siena have been building cloud chambers, a common tool used to “see” radiation. Their ongoing project hit a snag recently when the manufacturer of some of the components stopped making them. No worries, though – students are updating the design and creating their own parts using a 3-D printer.
Political Science, Modern Languages & Classics, School of Liberal Arts

Every Student Has a Story: Michael Averill '22

A community in southern Costa Rica depends on the clean water that flows from a biological reserve in the rainforest. Last month, they put their faith in Michael Averill '22.

Premium Parking Spots

Whether you roll with a Nissan LEAF, a Chevrolet Bolt or a Tesla Model X, electric car owners now have 20 spots on the Siena campus to charge their green-friendly vehicles.
Mathematics, School of Science, Academics

Fighting Zombies with Math

If (or when?) a zombie uprising threatens the annihilation of the human race, these are the zombie researchers that may help you survive the apocalypse

Siena Welcomes MLK III to Campus in January

Civil rights advocate and global humanitarian Martin Luther King III will be the featured speaker for Siena’s 35th annual Martin Luther King Jr. and Coretta Scott King Lecture Series on Race and Nonviolent Social Change.