Transgender Athletes: Agenda vs. Fairness

It appears that most Americans are not in favor of transgender sports bans, but legislatures in conservative states are passing them into law anyway. Why? Daniel Lewis, Ph.D., and his colleagues have garnered national attention for their research and analysis.

High School Sophomores! Plan Your Junior Year With This Advice in mind

Heading into your junior year of high school later this year? We asked Katie Szalda, Siena's Director of Admissions, to share her best advice for high school sophomores who are in the process of choosing classes and weighing their extracurricular options for the year ahead. Take note!
Physics & Astronomy, School of Science

Mapping the Stars

To get a good look at our nearest galaxy cluster, Dr. Rose Finn, professor of physics, and Kristina Gatto '23 traveled to the Canary Islands, a cluster of seven main islands off the coast of Morocco.
Chemistry & Biochemistry, School of Science

Congratulations, You're Hired!

Heading into the interview, Nanea Perkins '22 admits to not knowing the first thing about wine (the first thing to know is that wine is typically divided among reds and whites, and again – Nanea didn't know it).
Center for International Programs, English, History

Saints Around the World: Ireland

During the spring semester, students in an Irish identity course studied the many forces that shaped and influenced the construction of Irish identities over time, with a particular focus on Irish nationalism. Of course, to truly connect with the culture, pictures and text simply wouldn't do.
Creative Arts, Center for Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity

The Curtain Rises for Siena Playwrights

A new play about African American life in 19th century Albany, written by two recent Siena alumni, will make its premier on campus this evening, with a special preview for the Siena community at Monday’s Juneteenth celebration.

Shining with Pride

In honor of LGBTQ+ Pride Month, the gold dome of Siena Hall is being lit with rainbow hues throughout June. It is the start of a new campus tradition of dressing the dome in color for special events.