We know that tuition costs will always be a factor in the decision process. And yet, like you, we’ve been reading far too often lately about colleges and universities that continue to give out discounts to certain families based on very specific circumstances—while raising their costs at the same time.

We do things differently at Siena College. We call it: The Siena Guarantee.

Best of the Best

For the second consecutive year, Siena was voted Best College in the Capital Region!
Computer Science, School of Science, Academics

The Intern Journal: IBM

Computer science majors can sometimes be considered geeks. Justin Largo '21 owns the label, but he takes issue with the stereotype.
Service/Advocacy, Franciscan Center for Service and Advocacy

Knot So Fast

Weeds can range from a mild nuisance to 15-feet tall ecosystem destroyers. Siena's weed whackers neutralized the threat.
Religious Studies, School of Liberal Arts, Academics, Franciscan Center for Service and Advocacy

Every Student Has a Story: Kiley Pendergast '21

Kiley Pendergast '21 has never been to Jamaica. But from her home in the Capital Region, she's creating opportunities for at-risk students who just need a chance.
School of Liberal Arts, Sociology

Spy Games

Duane Matcha, Ph.D., professor of sociology, served alongside other truck drivers in Vietnam. At least that's the lie they would tell people. The truth required top secret clearance. But not anymore...
School of Business, Academics, Stack Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, MBA

Seeking Roommates and Spirits

Two Siena students are headed to a state business plan competition with apps they incubated in their Siena entrepreneurship classes.

Exploring the Business of Hip Hop

There wasn’t actually a fireplace, but a fireside chat format worked just fine for Siena students to virtually interview one of the top Black entrepreneurs in the country.

Teaching About the World's Worst Atrocities

Exploring the topic of genocide is complex and heartbreaking – but it must be done so that we can also explore ways to prevent it. Ausra Park, Ph.D., associate professor of international relations, has been selected in a national competition to attend a workshop that will develop best practices to teach this challenging subject.