Center for International Programs, School of Liberal Arts

Saints Around the World: Madrid

Michelle is currently taking courses that will satisfy some of her major requirements. She's also spending time exploring Madrid, which she calls, "a unique city with so much to offer that I have truly come to love."
School of Liberal Arts, Social Work

Leave No Apples Behind

Countless perfectly ripe unpicked apples fall to the ground at the end of each season. At one particular orchard, Siena students changed their destiny.
Center for International Programs

A Friendsgiving Tradition

Most international students are unable (or find it cost prohibitive) to make an overseas trip during the short Thanksgiving holiday. So when the campus clears out, they come together.

The Festival of Lights

נֵס גָּדוֹל הָיָה שָׁם (pronounced nes gadól hayá sham and read from right to left) is the phrase “a great miracle happened there." On December 1, that miracle was celebrated on campus.
School of Science, Physics & Astronomy


Siena College and The Dudley Observatory signed an agreement today to enter into long-term partnership to build and enhance the astronomy education and public outreach activities of both institutions.
Creative Arts, School of Liberal Arts

After Orlando: A Siena Production

After Orlando is a collection of very short plays by written by theatre artists in reaction to the June 2016 shooting at the gay nightclub in Florida where 49 died and 53 were injured. Dom DiCaprio ’22 is directing Siena’s production of After Orlando, which will be entirely produced and acted by Siena students.

Audio Books and Cold Coffee

A service company that will incorporate new features into audio books, and a cold brew coffee maker scored the top prizes at the Fall 2021 Spark Tank competition.