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Every Student Has a Story: Jenna Mantell '21

Jenna Mantell '21 considered staying close to home at the University of North Carolina, or maybe she'd head south to Auburn? But in the end, the decision was easy.
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Faculty Present for a Student Audience

Students are always sharing their work with their professors. At the English department’s February 3 colloquium, the tables were turned, and professors presented their most recent writing efforts to their students.
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Learning to Lead and Other Labs

The break between semesters has been especially long this academic year, so the College offered an added learning experience this winter to promote skill-building, professional development and mentoring opportunities. Jerry DeFrancisco ’68 DPS, LHD ’18 (right), distinguished executive in residence, taught Servant Leadership, relating it to Franciscan values and principles.

Ten College Scholarships That Are Still Up for Grabs

We know college is a big investment. Hence, the Siena Guarantee, and of course, the FAFSA. But in addition to Siena aid and federal aid, there are quite a few ways to get additional funding that can actually be pretty fun and thought-provoking. Enter: external scholarships.

Take a look at the ten scholarship opportunities below. It’s not an exhaustive list, but these 10 feel very much in line with the kinds of students who apply to Siena—and they’re also relatively low-lift and unique.
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Every Student Has a Story: Emma Beals '24

When Emma Beals '24 was 10, she dreamed off bottling smiles for sad kids. Her imagination, and heart, launched a non-profit.

To Lead Boldly for Racial Justice

Every person is running a race through life, but the starting line is different for everyone. The first step toward solving the problem is to understand, as a community, that there is one.

Fans Pack the ARC in Spirit, and Cardboard

Because of the pandemic, fans are not currently permitted to attend MAAC basketball games - but Siena fandom has been more fervent (and creative) this season than ever.