A Movie and a Tour

Students applying to college really need to see a campus in person to decide if they should enroll. Pandemic restrictions have thrown a monkey wrench into the admissions process, but that didn’t stop Siena’s enrollment management team from coming up with an awesome idea to really pique the interest of prospective freshmen.

Wish Upon a Christmas Star

Two millennia ago, Scripture tells us that the three Magi – distinguished, learned men from another land – were led to the Christ child by a bright star. It might not have been a star, but rather the conjunction of two planets, and the same bright beacon the Three Kings saw on that holy night might be the same light we’ll see this weekend – if the weather is clear.
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A Purrfect (and profitable) Idea

Did you ever have a family pet who seemed a little sick, but you weren’t sure if you could drop $150 (not covered by insurance) for a vet check-up, and the internet wasn’t really much help?

A Peek Inside the Christmas Workshop

Christmas elves delivered a Siena mug full of hot cocoa powder and a special message to every single residential student on November 20. Actually, the elves had the day off. So...