Malta Camp USA

Twenty-three adult guests with physical and intellectual disabilities are enjoying the experience for a lifetime on the Siena campus.

Every Student Has a Story: Megan Palestro '25

Megan Palestro '25 is president of Siena's American Cancer Society on Campus. In fact, she's the national chair, overseeing hundreds of chapters on campuses all over the country. Megan's personally responsible for massive fundraising impacting countless cancer patients, but there's always one person, in particular, on her mind.

A Taste of the 1760s

We’ve all taken a crack at a tempting recipe or two that we found online. How would you like to try your hand at making a dish or cocktail from a centuries-old cookbook – and do that prep in front of an audience?

A $5K Grant to Make Her Dream a Reality

Inspired by her passion for environmental justice and accessibility to nature, Christina Bell ’24 submitted a plan to a regional non-profit to create sensory trail stations and play areas at a local nature center. Her plan was so well received that she has been granted $5,000 to make her dream a reality.
Career and Internship Center, School of Business, Accounting

Congratulations, You're Hired! - Naval Nuclear Laboratory

The Naval Nuclear Laboratory develops advanced (top secret) technology for the United States Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program. The lab features five primary locations, all contributing to nuclear propulsion for American submarines and aircraft carriers. Lauren Ostrander '23, will begin her career at their Niskayuna location (Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory) on July 17. But, Lauren doesn't know the first thing about submarines.
Center for International Programs

Saints Around the World: Czech Republic

Adriana Varano '26 missed the bus which led to a missed train home. She also ordered the wrong flavor ice cream and her apartment is broiling in a heat wave. But every time something goes wrong, Adriana loves her first study abroad experience a little bit more.

Every Student Has a Story: Cat Donohue ’24

Cat Donohue '24 had been a dean's list-caliber student before her grades started to tank. In the spring of '22, she dropped two of five courses to avoid matching Fs on her transcript. Cat knew the problem, but nobody seemed able to help. She was rapidly going blind (and slowly losing her mind).
School of Science

Blessings on the Future Nobel Hall

The initial idea was to fill an ordinary plastic bin with water and gently sprinkle the blessed H2O onto the parking lot. But, in the spirit of "Dream Big," the original plan was scrapped and a fire truck was called to campus instead.