Christmas at Siena

President Chris Gibson and his wife, Mary Jo, led the countdown from the steps of Siena Hall. At "one," they flipped the enormous lever, and when the trees on either side of Siena Hall ignited in Christmas colors, a new Siena tradition was born.

A Smoother Transition Thanks to 101

Starting college is a huge transition for every student, and Siena is committed to making that experience as smooth as possible. The one-credit Siena 101 course is offered to any incoming freshman who wants to take it. Sessions on test taking, study tips, time management and more are offered; one of the key components of the course’s success, however, are the personal connections made by peer mentors.

Every Student Has a Story: Katie Bisset '26

It was December 14, 2012 and Katie Bisset ’26 was eight years old. She and her classmates and teacher at Sandy Hook Elementary School were huddled together, terrified and confused, in the reading corner of their third-grade classroom. They heard a commotion happening elsewhere in the building. The loudspeaker that had just played morning announcements switched back on and was relaying disturbing sounds from the front of the building.

7 Questions You Can Ask Financial Aid Counselors

Wherever you are in your college journey—just starting on your list, visiting your top choices, or maybe you recently applied (or were admitted!) to Siena—please know this: our financial aid counselors are HERE FOR YOU.
Kieval Institute

Siena College Statement on Antisemitism

With deep concern for rising levels of antisemitism throughout the country, Siena College makes clear its unwavering commitment, as a Franciscan community, to the unique worth of each and every person.
Damietta Cross-Cultural Center, School of Science, Environmental Studies and Sciences, Chemistry & Biochemistry

In the News: November 2022

A monthly media roundup for the Siena community.
Center for International Programs

Commendation from the State Department

A Study Abroad team member recently received a commendation from the U.S. Department of State for her work on applicant review for a prestigious scholarship program.
Career and Internship Center, Internships

The Intern Journal: FOCUS Lab

Lauren Costello '23 is particularly interested in wildlife conservation. Her happy place is conducting research outdoors, far away from city life. So, urban planning was on her mind when she went internship hunting.
Center for International Programs, School of Science, Environmental Studies and Sciences

Saints Around the World: San Jose, Costa Rica

"Pura Vida" is the ubiquitous mantra of Costa Rica. The saying translates to pure life or simple life. It means to be thankful for what you have and live stress free. It's a lifestyle Evan Blust '23 has wholeheartedly embraced.