"My favorite spot on Siena's campus is..."

No Instagram post, no iPhone shot, no professionally taken photo can fully do our beautiful, suburban campus justice—they suffice, but really, you just have to visit.

You have to smell the fresh cut grass and try the smoothies from Casey’s. You have to walk around the perimeter where Siena’s campus safely meets the peaceful streets of Loudonville (one of the safest towns in New York), and kick back by the fire pits.

And when you do, be sure to scope out these specific spots below: a few of our students’ favorite places to study or unwind.

Come to Campus (virtually!)

Have you not had the chance to visit campus and want to see what it looks like? Missing your home away from home? We've got you covered.
Franciscan Center for Service and Advocacy

Siena Stands with Humanity

Over spring break, Siena students stood with underserved neighborhoods from Charlotte to Tucson to the indigenous community of Chontala, Guatemala.
Chemistry & Biochemistry, Sociology, School of Science


Moving a lecture and group discussion online is challenging; moving an entire chemistry lab into the virtual classroom is especially difficult. But not impossible...

Lacrosse Team Bonds Over Fund-razor

Coach Derrick Eccles made the team a promise. If 25 players participated and if the Saints held New Jersey Institute of Technology to single digit goals, he would join in. NJIT never stood a chance.

Every Student Has a Story: Mia Forster '21 and Rosie Bello '20

Mia Forster '21 ran approximately a half marathon two summers ago. Then the next day, she did it again. And then the day after that. And the day after that. And the day after that...Someday, Rosie Bello '20 will need a stranger with a good heart. Her life depends on it.