Premium Parking Spots

Whether you roll with a Nissan LEAF, a Chevrolet Bolt or a Tesla Model X, electric car owners now have 20 spots on the Siena campus to charge their green-friendly vehicles.
Mathematics, School of Science, Academics

Fighting Zombies with Math

If (or when?) a zombie uprising threatens the annihilation of the human race, these are the zombie researchers that may help you survive the apocalypse

Siena Welcomes MLK III to Campus in January

Civil rights advocate and global humanitarian Martin Luther King III will be the featured speaker for Siena’s 35th annual Martin Luther King Jr. and Coretta Scott King Lecture Series on Race and Nonviolent Social Change.

Transferring to Siena: Get to Know Marley Buffis ‘23

When transferring to Siena, you can expect a simple process, transfer credits, transition into Saint life and at least $28K in scholarships.

This is all thanks to the genuine community vibe at Siena and the Siena Transfer Guarantee, making the switch to Siena as easy and exciting as possible for transfer students like Marley Buffis.
Internships, School of Business

The Intern Journal: Rise Event Production

Jessica Dery '22 is not a professional racer. In fact, she's never been to Pikes Peak. But through her summer internship, Dery had her fingerprints on the century-old road race.
Physics & Astronomy, School of Science

An Enhanced Look at the Stars

The addition of new instruments to the Breyo Observatory will expand imaging and research opportunities for the Siena community.
Political Science, Pre-Law

Every Student Has a Story: Shelby Doren '22

When she was younger, Shelby Doren would google, "What do Russian women look like?" She lived a happy American life, but it felt incomplete. There was a hole in her story, and now Siena is helping to fill it.