Made your big decision?! 

Submitted your deposit and reserved your spot in the Class of 2028?! 

Where did you pick?! 

WAIT! Don’t let this moment regarding your huge announcement pass you by without a little fun and creativity. Here are creative ways you can show the world where you’re off to for college and make it the big deal that it is.

1.  Order some small items from the college bookstore, wrap ‘em up and have them mailed to your nearest and dearest. Schedule a Zoom call and let everyone open up their packages at the same time. 

2.  Take a page from all those gender reveal parties you see on TikTok and fill up a powder cannon with your school’s colors. Take a video—slow motion, of course—and post it on social and text it to your family and friends. 

3.  Received a bunch of different shirts from your top colleges? Put them all on, gather your family around and then take each shirt off, one by one, until the final shirt proudly displays your new home away from home.

4.  Take a selfie wearing your college sweatshirt, use Canva to put it on a postcard and send it out to everyone. Ask them to write down their best advice and tips for college life and send it back to you. 

5.  Sport a new pair of custom kicks. These are amazing!

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6.  Love a good slideshow? Collect all the photos you took on campus tours, put together a slideshow for your family and don’t reveal your choice until the very last slide.

7.  Got younger siblings? Get them involved! Chalk up your driveway, make signs or record them singing the college’s fight song.

8.  Fill a pinata with anything you have that shows off your college choice—mail the college sent you, emails, keychains, lanyards, candy in your school colors. Let your family take turns taking a swipe at the piñata until the news breaks loose.

9.  Or, in lieu of creativity (or in addition), keep it simple. Message everyone who helped you get to this point in your life, letting them know you hope they’ll visit you one day at…