FAFSA. SAR. EFC. HUH? Between all the terms and important items to remember, the financial aid process from start to finish can seem confusing. But we promise: it’s easier than you think to apply for aid, and making college affordable for your family is absolutely doable. Want some guidance? We've put together the resources below because we believe that applying for financial aid is worth your time.

Financial Aid Roadmap

Between the forms, the terms, the rules, the types of aid... we get a lot of questions from prospective students and parents when it comes to financial aid. That's why we put together this easy-to-follow complimentary guide. No matter what year you are in high school or if you've already filled out your FAFSA, you'll find the information and advice in this guide useful.

Net Price Calculator

Tuition, room and board costs don't give you the whole story when it comes to financial aid. Most of our students pay much less than the listed tuition thanks to the many scholarship and grant opportunities for Saints. In fact, on average Saints receive more than $23,000 from Siena.