We know that tuition costs will always be a factor in the decision process. And yet, like you, we’ve been reading far too often lately about colleges and universities that continue to give out discounts to certain families based on very specific circumstances—while raising their costs at the same time. 

We do things differently at Siena College. We call it: The Siena Guarantee.

Under the Siena Guarantee, every single applicant who gets admitted to Siena and submits their FAFSA will receive at least $57,000 in scholarships, guaranteed. 

No catches. 

No stipulations.

Every single admitted student. 

Keep reading.


It doesn’t matter if you’re in state or out of state, or if your family’s income is more or less than $125,000. (Because honestly, regardless of what your family earns, it’s not easy saving for college!) 

We’re also not asking that you declare a certain major or stipulating that you have to live and work in the Capital Region after you graduate. None of that. Your acceptance to Siena is proof enough that you’ve earned this.

All you have to do to qualify is get accepted to Siena, and submit your FAFSA. So if your family wasn’t thinking about filing, now you have a really good reason to.  


We believe in you and we believe that the Siena experience will set you up to live a good life—both professionally and personally. So, in addition to your scholarship, Siena College also guarantees that you will:

  • Graduate in four years or the rest of your degree is on us.
  • Get to take to part in a custom career experience, like an internship, study abroad program, or research project. (Psst: See where Siena Saints intern.) 


We know it’s hard to navigate financial aid and understand all the terms and conditions of existing scholarships and loans. (Actually, we have a downloadable guide for that). We know that families immediately research public schools over private because of their perceived costs. 

We also know there are many families who feel like they won’t qualify for aid, and that they shouldn’t even bother with the FAFSA. If you’re a parent reading this, let us reiterate—it doesn’t matter how much you make! Submit the FAFSA so we can give your Saint an additional scholarship (on top of merit). 

Times have changed, and Siena stands with you. So families, students, get to work!