Affordability continues to be a top factor for families when choosing a college and on top that, it can be a pretty confusing process to navigate. So if you or anyone in your family would like to connect with one of Siena’s financial counselors, we’ll gladly connect you. 

Here are just 7 examples of questions you might want to ask them: 

  1. How do I even start the process of applying for financial aid? Figuring out what forms to fill out, what tax forms to get together, when to send what and where—a counselor can help you kick off the process and cover all the basics as soon as you’re ready. 
  2. Does my financial situation affect your admission decision? We can tell you right now that it doesn’t—not at Siena. But if you’re interested in learning more about need-blind admissions vs. need-aware colleges, we can fill you in on the differences. 
  3. What’s the $52,000 Siena Scholarship Guarantee all about? We’d love for you to ask us this one! The details are in this blog post, but it can almost seem too good to be true—apply, file your FAFSA, get accepted, and you get $52,000 toward your degree. But our financial aid counselors can reassure you of that commitment, explain what prompted us to offer this scholarship to all admitted students, and talk about how it differs from other similar promises out there.
  4. Is private school more expensive than public? Not necessarily, especially when you factor in scholarships and financial aid. But what’s more important to look at is return on investment and loan default rates. (FYI: Saints make $500,000 more in lifetime earnings than SUNY grads.) A financial aid counselor can answer this question more in-depth in terms you’ll understand and appreciate. 
  5. What do all these acronyms mean? FSA, FPL, EFC… on the FAFSA and elsewhere, the acronyms you’ll no doubt come across in the financial aid process can get overwhelming and confusing. Let us break them down for you!
  6. Do you offer need- or merit-based scholarships? If so, how do I get my mitts on ‘em? Yes, we offer all kinds of aid, but what you qualify for depends on your own circumstances. So this is one of those questions you should definitely ask a financial aid counselor at Siena. And if you haven’t checked out our net price calculator yet, we can talk about that too.
  7. Aside from Siena’s scholarships and federal aid, what else can my family do to be able to better afford college? We’re chock full of saving tips and ideas, and we’re happy to share those with you. Our financial aid counselors can tell you where to look for scholarships that aren’t associated with our school, what your 529 savings account can be used for, and so forth. 

By the way, that’s not ALL you can ask our financial counselors. Click below and ask anything you want to—we’re all ears! And in the meantime, here’s a free financial aid guide our team put together for high school students and their families.