History, School of Liberal Arts

Taking the Plunge (into history)

Several Siena history education majors served as mentors – and contestants – at a virtual history tournament to help elementary school students hone their history chops.
School of Liberal Arts

Writing His Own Playbook

David Smith '22 watches countless hours of football on TV. He has to. It's homework.
Modern Languages & Classics

Every Student Has a Story: Kiera Mitru '21

Kiera Mitru '21 always watched Siena basketball games growing up, but not necessarily for the basketball. She was looking for Fr. Kevin Mullen '75 in the crowd.


Made your big decision?!

Submitted your deposit and reserved your spot in the Class of 2025?!

Where did you pick?!

WAIT! Don’t let this moment regarding your huge announcement pass you by without a little fun and creativity. Here are 10 ways you can show the world where you’re off to for college and make it the big deal that it is.
School of Science, Baldwin Nursing Program

Be My Valentine

Valentine’s Day was necessarily low-key this year because of COVID, but those in the middle of a hospital stay had it even worse. Two Siena nursing students came up with a great way to brighten their holiday.

A Companion for Life's Journey

Looking to talk to a trusted person about some of the big questions in life? Siena now offers spiritual companionship for all students.
School of Liberal Arts

The Intern Journal: Paste Magazine

Carli Scolforo '21 considers herself a "natural-born groupie." She's been traveling with musicians since she was a kid - mainly because she liked the music, but maybe because her dad couldn't always find a babysitter.
Student Life

Try it Tuesday

Ever wanted to trace your family’s roots? Take better photos on your iPhone? Get the most out of travel?