Academic Community Engagement, Political Science, School of Liberal Arts

Sharing Their New Life Through Art

Through artistic expression and collaborative projects, refugees living in the Albany area shared their experiences about their new lives in America in a local exhibit organized by a Siena student working through the office of Academic Community Engagement (ACE).

Every Student Has a Story: Hailey Memery '25

Hailey Memery '25 is a teenager competing in a wild water sport dominated, almost exclusively, by men. That, by itself, would be a good story. But it keeps getting better with every championship...
Physics & Astronomy, School of Science

West Coast Wildfire Hits Close to Home

Professor and students were all set to observe distant galaxies and supermassive black holes through remote access to the Kitt Peak National Observatory near Tucson, Arizona. A 20,000-acre wildfire ignited by a June 11 lightning strike unfortunately scrapped those plans, but they were able to pivot to a new summer study option.

A Powerful Voice for the Under-Represented

For his work in promoting Franciscan values and the goals of diversity, equity and inclusion, Fr. Linh Hoang, O.F.M, Ph.D., professor of religious studies, has been elected to a two-year term on the board of directors of the Catholic Theological Society of America (CTSA).

Restored to Its Golden Luster

Thirty-six young men who attended or graduated from Siena gave their lives to defend democracy in World War II.
Career and Internship Center, School of Business, Finance

Congratulations, You're Hired!

Joseph Gabriel '22 didn't just score one full-time job a full year before graduation, he scored four.
Center for International Programs, Academics

Saints Around the World: Copenhagen, Denmark

Allie Thorschmidt '23 and Seth Coluccio '23 are close enough friends to share just about anything with each other. Somehow, though, their international ambitions never came up in conversation.