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Every Student Has a Story: Shelsy Vicente Gross '25

It was freestyle battle rap. People would square off and improvise takedown lyrics in front of an audience. On one neighborhood block in the Dominican Republic about 13 years ago, the most feared rapper on the street was a 6-year-old girl.
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Leading Toward a Greener Future

Siena is taking part in initial efforts to develop a proposal for New York to become a regional clean energy hydrogen hub.
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Congratulations, You're Hired!

The Microsoft corporate headquarters stretch out over approximately eight million square feet in Redmond, Washington. The campus features more than 100 buildings and some 53,000 employees working on more than 500 acres. For perspective, the entire Siena campus could fit inside Microsoft HQ nearly three times.
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Saints Around the World: Seoul, South Korea

Amal Faheem '23 was born in Kuwait 90 percent deaf. Her lip reading super power was described in a March '22 issue of the SCoop, and in the same piece, Amal laid out her plans to travel alone this summer to South Korea. She made it.

The Adventures of the Bleacher Brothers Vol. 7

The Bleacher Brothers – Fr. Casey Cole and Br. Tito Serrano, associate campus minister – recently completed their 17,000 mile, 11-week tour of all 30 Major League Baseball parks. They spread the Franciscan message "where people are" all the way to their final goodbye in the Denver airport.

Every Student Has a Story: Angela Fini '24

The Army ROTC program intensely demands a cadet's full-time commitment, much the like commitment required to participate in a Division 1 sport. It would be almost impossible to participate (let alone excel) in both. Almost.

Hoop Dreams

Basketball season is still a few months away, but Saints fans had the opportunity to meet and greet the 2022-23 Siena men's and women's basketball teams at an August 10 court dedication and ice cream social.