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The Intern Journal: RenderTribe

Simon Santos '23 tried pulling the thread, but that only made the situation worse. He could tell the dangling string was integral to the integrity of the sweater and if he kept pulling, it was bound to unravel. It may not have been a true emergency, but Simon wasn't taking any chances. He stepped out of his business class and went roaming Siena Hall in search of a pair of scissors. By fate, he wandered into the office of Alicia Pepe, assistant vice president for experiential learning and career development.
Center for International Programs

Saints Around the World: Cape Town, South Africa

Chandler Edbauer '23 walked into a fishing shop looking for bait. While in South Africa, the outdoor enthusiast had already surfed for the first time and spent hours hiking Cape Town and swimming in the ocean. Next, he was planning an afternoon on the water with a fishing pole. What he hooked was way more than he bargained for.
Creative Arts, School of Liberal Arts

Give My Regards, in Person, to Broadway

It was two years to the week that Broadway went dark because of COVID, but the mood on this creative arts class trip was one of celebration.

Every Student Has a Story: Bilal Hersi '24

Lewiston, Maine is an old mill town 35 miles north of Portland. Twenty years ago, Lewiston's population was 96 percent white, but within a few years, more than 7,000 refugees, many from the East African country of Somalia, settled in the New England community. Tension and conflict followed. Bilal Hersi '24 helped bring the community together.

The "Olympics" of Irish Dance

Legend has it that Irish dancing developed its unique, straight-arm style over the centuries as a way for its practitioners to hide from prying (British) eyes peering through a window or over a fence to catch them carrying on an important part of Irish culture.
Kelly O'Donnell

Pawket vet wins the capital cup

Meghan Brewer ’22 and her Pawket Vet app lets pet owners check in virtually with a vet to see if an in-office visit is needed, or if the necessary treatment can be obtained over the counter, or with time and TLC. She won the Capital District regional semifinals of the New York Business Plan Competition on March 25 at the University at Albany.
School of Science, Mathematics, Physics & Astronomy

A Festival of Data

DataFest, sponsored annually by the American Statistical Association (ASA), is a celebration of data in which teams of undergrads work around the clock to find and share meaning in a large, rich, and complex data set. This year, Siena joined the party.
Student Presidential Leadership Council

A Lesson in Fine Dining

Lots of silverware. Lots of questions. How you proceed can have a big impact on how you’re perceived as a business professional. To help Siena students navigate those waters, the College’s newly formed Student Presidential Leadership Council (SPLC) hosted is first-ever event, an “etiquette dinner” held March 31 in The Norm.
School of Liberal Arts, Political Science, Psychology, Finance, School of Business, History

Siena in the News: March 2022

A monthly media roundup for the Siena community.