The Fruits of Campus Gardens

Siena’s on-campus gardening efforts are growing in more ways than one, reaping educational, emotional and nutritional benefits for the College community.

The Gift of a Boston Baby Grand

A generous gift from a Siena alumnus in honor of his late brother – both of whom were musically inclined – will benefit the College’s performing students and faculty.

Siena Explores America at a Crossroads

A new landmark study by the Siena College Research Institute illustrates that yes, our country is profoundly divided and civility is on the decline. But there is hopeful news for our nation: the SCRI’s American Values Survey (AVS) shockingly reveals a strong alignment of shared values among our citizens.

What To Do If A College You Love Doesn't Have Your Major

Does this sound familiar? You're loving everything you're reading about a certain college: the location, the campus, the real-world learning opportunities, the student life

...and then, ugh, they don't offer the major I’m interested in?

When that happens—when you don't see your intended major listed at a college you're really interested in—repeat after us: DON’T

Sprucing Up Campus

To make room for the Bells of Remembrance structure, three mature spruce trees had to give up their spots. What would St. Francis do?
History, School of Liberal Arts

The Intern Journal: Brookside Museum

Victorian hair wreaths were popular among the heartbroken in the 19th century. When a loved one passed, their hair was sometimes saved and then fashioned into a wreath of remembrance. The tradition was lost to time, probably for its creepiness, so it's not surprising Molly Maron '24 was unaware of the tradition... until victory depended on finding a Victorian hair wreath, and fast.

From Earthly to Heavenly Life

Each fall, Siena’s friars mark the passage of St. Francis of Assisi from earthly life to heavenly life. Called Transitus – Latin for “crossing” – it is solemnly observed in a liturgy held the evening of October 3, one day in advance of St. Francis’ feast day.
Center for International Programs, Management, School of Business

Saints Around the World: Lyon

Last month, Caroline Garrett '23 attended a family reunion with cousins, aunts, uncles, nieces, and nephews. She had a wonderful time talking and laughing with 30 members of her extended family who - until that party - she had never seen before in her life.