The Siena Galaxy Atlas

A new atlas of the heavens created by Siena faculty and students is now part of the public domain and features the College’s name in honor of the scientific team that created it.

Chamber Lunch; Scout Dinner

Siena President Chris Gibson ’86 joined the leaders of Russell Sage College, Hudson Valley Community College and Excelsior College to explore key issues in higher education at a June 23 Rensselaer County Regional Chamber of Commerce luncheon.

Unprecedented Success

For the first time in school history, Siena captured the Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference Women's Commissioner's Cup.
School of Business, Internships

Congratulations, You're Hired: George Ghobriel '21

Mr. and Mrs. Ghobriel knew their son would make a great doctor or lawyer. George Ghobriel '21 (above, middle) disappointed them when he passed on both professions. Instead, his parents had unwittingly inspired a completely different career path.
Biology, School of Science

Arts and Sciences

Microbiology students are used to swabbing on Petri dish surfaces, but why not make a little art out of their science experiments?

Every Student Has a Story: Zaki Farah '23

Inspired by his parents' own sacrifices, Zaki Farah '23 knew exactly how he could make a difference in the world, if only he was given the chance. But his future was in the hands of a judge.
Chemistry & Biochemistry, School of Science, School of Liberal Arts, Creative Arts, Siena College Beverage Institute

Introducing the Siena College Beverage Institute

Craft breweries, distilleries, wineries and meaderies are proliferating in the Capital Region. Several Siena faculty saw an opportunity to support the local economy while offering experiential learning for students.
Creative Arts, School of Liberal Arts, Academics

Designing a New Major

The Siena BA in Visual Art and Design, approved this week by the New York State Education Department, will invite students to exercise imaginative thinking, engage in critical discourse, and learn the technical skills needed to support their passion for the arts.