Acting Out the College Experience

Siena’s student theater club, Stage III, presents skits and songs during Freshman Orientation that deal with issues new Saints will face on campus.

"Board" Certified

If you see a Franciscan friar skateboarding around campus, stop him mid-ollie and say, “Welcome to Siena!”


As you sift through your options for majors and minors available at the schools you’re most interested in, you may hear about or read the words “data science.”
Whether you recognize the area of study or not, here’s the first thing you should know: skilled data scientists are in demand in every industry, in every business. It’s a lucrative and exciting career to have, and a smart field of study to get into early—if it interests you, of course.
School of Science, Physics & Astronomy

Mission for Martian Soil

When NASA’s newest Mars rover Perseverance was launched into space last week, Thomas Coohill, Ph.D., was paying very special attention.

Legalese in Plain English

The Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) Flexibility Act of 2020 was a lifeline for small business owners amid the shutdown... if only they could understand how it works. Cheyenne Lufkin '21 authored the translation.

The Equity Summit

Members of the College Board of Advisors hosted an Equity Summit for First-Year Seminar instructors.

An Answer to a Divine Call

Thom Schlinck ’19 was Mr. Siena – literally and figuratively. Inspired by his years of involvement through the College in community service and the prayerful example of the friars who live communally on campus, he will soon begin the journey to become a Franciscan friar himself.