A Papal Blessing for all Siena Saints

"Pope Francis lit up with a broad smile when I pulled the Siena shirt out of a bag and asked for a photo. He asked about Siena College, the meaning of the 'Saints,' and why the color green."
Political Science, English, Social Work, School of Liberal Arts

Grants Fund Programs Aimed to Diversify Curriculum

To diversify the curriculum, enhance inclusive teaching practices and recruit diverse majors, Academic Affairs now offers grants for faculty to fund course content, projects and events. A panel was held October 3 by the most recent cohort of awardees to present on their grant-funded efforts and how they can be adapted by other faculty and departments.
Environmental Studies and Sciences, School of Science

Mapping the Floodplain of Tar Creek

For decades, the residents of Ottawa County, Oklahoma have contended with contaminated water, air and soil from old mining sites. A Siena professor and two of her students have just created a new floodplain map that shows just how toxic increased flooding has been to the area, to help promote and guide further remediation.
Computer Science, School of Science

Safe and Secure On and Off the Web

To ensure the Siena community has the resources it needs to stay safe and more secure online, the College has been offering presentations throughout October’s Cybersecurity Awareness Month.
Stack Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship


Siena College’s ninth annual Maddalone Wall of Success induction ceremony was hosted October 11 with an on-campus dinner to raise funds for student projects.
Damietta Cross-Cultural Center

Uniting with Ukraine

To celebrate the culture of a sovereign nation experiencing war and oppression, Siena welcomed a company of Ukrainian dancers, musicians and singers to the SSU on October 6.
Center for International Programs, Modern Languages & Classics, School of Liberal Arts

Saints Around the World: Rennes, France

In America, taboo subjects are rarely discussed at the dinner table, but in at least one household in France, “The hour of debate” is a nightly event.

Your New Campus Craving

Looking for a trendy, delicious and healthy meal option? Siena Fresh has you covered with their new açai bowls.