Health Professions, Mathematics

Analyzing COVID as a Math Problem

Real-world applications of mathematics to model the spread of COVID-19 and a tick-borne illness were the subjects of two separate research projects by CURCA summer scholars.
health studies, School of Science

A Trailblazer in Health Studies

Nicole Barrington '20 arrived at Siena in the fall of 2017, the same year the health studies major launched. Three years later, she's a poster graduate for the program.
Political Science

Much More Than a Fashion Show

The pandemic changed the project, but it couldn't extinguish the goal of providing a space for refugees to share their experiences and stories.

"Let's Change the World"

Men's head basketball coach Carmen Maciariello '01 wanted social justice and change in the wake of George Floyd’s murder, so he became the change.
Environmental Studies and Sciences, School of Science

Measuring the Risks of a High-Salt Diet

The road salt scattered by trucks to keep winter roads safer aren’t benefiting local waterways - and the negative effects seem to last for months after the freezin’ season is over.


This one’s for anyone who wants to know more about college life in New York’s Capital Region, but especially for those of who have lived here your whole life and are wondering: Do I move away or stay close to home for college?

Consider these 10 reasons Saints love living and studying in Upstate New York, with Loudonville as our homebase.