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Projecting Siena's Voice on Feminist Studies

Culture, power, activism and more were on the agenda for the 9th annual Capital District Feminist Studies Conference. Held virtually on January 15 and hosted by Russell Sage College, the conference was an opportunity for area scholars to present academic papers and poster presentations on gender and sexuality topics.
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A Tested, Peaceful Transition of Power

A violent insurrection at the seat of U.S. government, followed by an impeachment, and then the inauguration of a new leader who called for unity and understanding – January 2021 will live in American history as a time of great turmoil and hope for a new beginning.

So You Want to Work In the Medical Field?

Maybe a family member has inspired you. Perhaps it was a health-related hardship you had to witness. Or, and this is fine too!, you just can't get enough of Grey’s Anatomy or old episodes of ER.

Whatever it was that got you already thinking you’d like to work in medicine, we’re glad it did and we’re happy to help steer you in the right direction. Because the truth is: There are hundreds of career paths in the medical field, and while many are very different from one another, a lot of them share common traits and skills. And something you may not think about: The non-medical courses you should take too.

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Officially a Saint? Congratulations and welcome to the Class of 2025! If you haven’t already, be sure to share the good news with your nearest and dearest on social media. It’s time for some positive thoughts and messages!
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Stories from the Shutdown

Students needed to talk, to tell their stories about a year unlike any other.