Congratulations, You're Hired!

A month or two into the job search, and Cole DiGiacomo '21 hadn't found the right opportunity, until he got a call from a former Siena classmate...
Career and Internship Center

Introducing Siena's Career and Internship Center

To better serve Siena students who are preparing for internships, careers and grad school, the College has combined operations for a new Career and Internship Center (CIC), effective September 1.
Pre-Law, Political Science, School of Liberal Arts, Academics

Answering the Call

Their Summer Legal Fellows experience was supposed to be online, so when COVID restrictions were eased, Samantha Fazio ’22 and Ashley Gaglioti ’22 jumped at the chance to head to Touro Law Center on Long Island.
Academics, School of Liberal Arts

You're Hired: Clare McCrudden '21

Clare McCrudden '21 intends to use her degree from Siena to make a difference in the classroom. It's a noble story, but in the McCrudden household, not an original one.

Liberal arts is the way to go

As a college student today, you will likely be employed in a job that is yet to be created.

This astonishing news from data-collecting giants, such as the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and the World Economic Forum, tells us that about 40% of current jobs will be a thing of the past. Ahead lies an evolving world of work, one where those equipped with lasting, transferable skills—the exact skills honed by a liberal arts education—hold a clear advantage. Here’s why, what to consider and what to know about the liberal arts as you research colleges.

The Music Never Stopped

The pandemic forced Mass online, but COVID-19 couldn't silence Psalm 150. The musicians performed from the Chapel, and then a recording studio.