5 Things to Love About Upstate New York in the Winter

If there's one thing we love about living in the Northeast, it’s the four seasons.

And yes, that includes winter.

But we’re here to tell you those few months of colder days in the Capital Region aren’t only bearable, they're actually a TON of fun for college students.

Check out these five reasons why we love this time of year in Upstate New York:
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The Intern Journal: ClearPath Mortgage Solutions

For three years, Austin Whyte ‘22 proudly served in the United States Army. He was stationed in Texas and Florida and also deployed to Afghanistan. Now a veteran, he's serving fellow veterans in the area as a veteran advocate intern at ClearPath Mortgage Solutions.
Modern Languages & Classics, School of Liberal Arts

Fashion More Seriously

The vintage black and white photo shows a militia woman attired in a mono, a common garment of the Spanish working class. She is reading a fashion magazine, her rifle nestled next to her. What does this scene tell us – about the woman, the country, and its politics?
Center for International Programs

Saints Around the World: London

DezMariah Cosgrove ‘23 discovered this exotic fruit (which tastes like a blend of cantaloupe and pear), not in Israel, but at a farmers market in London where she is currently studying creative arts at the CAPA center.
English, School of Liberal Arts

Siena's Songwriter Spotlight

Daniella Gerbasi '25 has always dreamt of recording music in Nashville. She's just one outstanding performance away...

Out of the Darkness

The Out of the Darkness Campus Walk is hosted annually by Siena to raise awareness about suicide prevention. This year, the event took on added depth and poignancy due to the recent loss of a Siena community member.
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Every Student Has a Story: Kiley Lenahan '23

Kiley Lenahan '23 has everything from jeans to tops to coats to linens in her closet. And if you see something you like, it's yours.
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Open Classroom Project

Much in the way that a house or garden tour offers great ideas for enhancing your own living space, Siena hosted its first-ever Open Classroom project for faculty members to observe each other’s teaching methods and get inspiration and ideas.