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Siena's Summer Projects

Summertime is the ideal time for the College to dig, repair, and install. Disruption is kept to a minimum when students are away, so Facilities has started to tackle its list of summer time projects. The ambitious to-do list includes...

Freedom Day at Siena

The day before U.S. President Joe Biden signed legislation to make Juneteenth a new national holiday, the Siena community hosted the second part of its own inaugural Juneteenth observation.

Meaningful Change Starts Here

Siena’s annual Engage for Change regional conference connects local community engagement practitioners, including faculty, students, and community organizations, to share best practices across institutions and methods for advancing their work in the Capital Region.

7 things a college’s social media can tell you

We all know real life is different from what it looks like on Facebook or Twitter. But, when it comes to colleges and social media, you can gain a great deal of insight about an institution—and what it might be like to be a student there—by spending some time clicking through their social media accounts.

Take your list of top schools and see what platforms they have accounts on, then log on and consider these seven things a college’s social media can tell you:
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The Intern Journal: Plug Power

Plug Power develops hydrogen fuel cell systems that replace conventional batteries. Of the 30 interns, 29 are engineers. Wager is in the human resources department.
Academics, School of Business, Marketing, Management

Congratulations, You're Hired!

If Lily Belber '21 is being completely honest, she didn't always give her undivided attention during lectures this spring. To her credit, she rarely missed a class over Zoom, but she was more than occasionally multi-tasking...
Campus Events

A Siena (Fresh) Wedding

On June 18, 2019, Siena Fresh Executive Chef Joshua Miller took Rachel Jones, senior director of dining services, on a lunch date to The Sagamore in Lake George. After lunch, they walked around the back of the resort and out toward the water. Miller got down on one knee....
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Lonnstrom HEOP Excellence Award

Tyler Simmons ’21, a philosophy major from Harlem, is this year’s recipient of the Lonnstrom Higher Education Opportunity Program Excellence Award.
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Every Student Has a Story: Nanea Perkins '22

Nanea Perkins ’22 is building the foundation for a career that will help protect the natural beauty of her home state of Hawai’i.