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Every Student Has a Story: Samantha Welsher '22

Samantha Welsher '22 has never stepped foot inside of an airport, but there's a plane leaving for Spain next year, and she desperately wants to be on it.
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Saints Organize a Health Clinic for Refugees

Three Siena students are combining service to the local refugee community with preparation for careers in medicine, public policy and law

Earning Her Wings

Medicine or the military? Second Lieutenant Kacie Oliver ’21 plans to find room for both in her life. 2LT Oliver – she was commissioned at Siena in September – was originally a pre-med major in the College’s prestigious Albany Med program when she enrolled as a freshman. But inspired by the examples of family members who served in uniform and her own passion for science, she made a career path change and joined the College’s ROTC program her junior year.

A New Course Explores #blacklivesmatter

To explore anti-Black racism in America and to help Siena students learn what is theirs to do in the fight for social justice, Andrea Smith-Hunter, Ph.D. is teaching her new course “Black Lives Matter: Issues of Race, Class, Identity and Power.”

Five Reasons to Apply Early Action to College

Quick refresher on the types of college application deadlines you may come across in your college search: Regular Decision (April 1 at Siena), Early Decision (December 1 at Siena), and Early Action (October 15 here). So which one should you choose?
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Siena In the News: September 2021

Check out where Siena has been highlighted around the world during September 2021.
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The Intern Journal: CAIA Association

Claire Foley '22 noticed from the very beginning of the Zoom meeting that the vibe was different than usual.
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Learning From a Pilot's Perspective

You've no doubt walked by Lonnstrom Landing (above) countless times, but you likely don't know that Dr. Lonnstrom's greatest contribution to aviation concerns a deadly crash landing at sea.
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Saints Around the World: Seoul

She's also developed an appetite for Korean BBQ, hotpot, and pho. Six weeks into a semester abroad in South Korea, and Hofler has enjoyed tasting her way through Seoul.