Management, School of Business

Cheers to an Uncommon Partnership

An aprés ski tradition of a round of craft beer, and the inspiration of community support for the much-loved business that brewed it, led to a standout round of presentations for a Siena BUDV class.

Simulation Education Lobby Day

Two Siena faculty members met with state legislators on January 24 to advocate for a bill that would permit nursing programs in New York to substitute up to one-third of required clinical education with simulation-based learning experiences (SBLE).

Coffeehouse Crooners

College alumni and employees performed on stage at Casey's as part of the Siena Alumni Engagement Office's Cabin Fever Series.
Center for International Programs, Creative Arts, School of Liberal Arts

Saints Around the World: Kyoto, Japan

It's not uncommon to pack on a few pounds over the holidays, but Danial Rehman '23 watched his waistline retreat. What was the secret to losing almost 20 pounds in four weeks?
Baldwin Nursing Program, School of Science

$500K for the Education of Nurses

It’s official: Siena will indeed receive $496,541 in Congressional earmark funding for “Educating Nurses for Underserved Communities.”

Every Student Has a Story: Tori Vellucci '23

Tori Vellucci '23 took 124,445 steps in Italy (while on pilgrimage with Management 290, above); that's 124,445 steps more than her doctors feared she would ever take again.