Physics & Astronomy, School of Science

Returning to the Scene of the Stars

Matthew Harrison '20 made his first trip to the Green Bank Observatory in West Virginia as a freshman and novice astronomer; he'll be returning as a software engineer.
School of Science, Baldwin Nursing Program

A Bag Full of Happiness

To help make her patients’ hospital stays less stressful, Meredith Rutsky ’20 has been assembling what she calls Happy Packs at Ellis Medicine in Schenectady, where she is a registered nurse.

We Are Saints

Saints stick together. We stand strong. We jump into the fray. We help however we can. We make the best of what’s around, and we care deeply for the world around us.

Shop 'Til You Drop

It's recommended older and at-risk populations avoid potential exposure to COVID-19 by avoiding the market altogether. So how do they get groceries? By calling Scotty Parillo '21.