We Are Saints

Saints stick together. We stand strong. We jump into the fray. We help however we can. We make the best of what’s around, and we care deeply for the world around us.

Shop 'Til You Drop

It's recommended older and at-risk populations avoid potential exposure to COVID-19 by avoiding the market altogether. So how do they get groceries? By calling Scotty Parillo '21.
Creative Arts, School of Liberal Arts

Virtual Choir, Technical Masterpiece

When the annual Spring Cabaret was cancelled, Siena’s creative arts team immediately pivoted from their initial disappointment to enthusiasm for a new challenge.
Physics & Astronomy, School of Science

Physics Experiments by Mail

Just because campus labs are closed, that doesn't mean hands-on examination into the natural laws of the universe must stop.

Ten College Scholarships That Are Still Up for Grabs

We know college is a big investment. (Hence, the Siena Guarantee, and of course, the FAFSA.) But those aside, there are ways to get additional funding that can actually be pretty fun and thought-provoking. Enter: scholarships—the thing adult you will thank you for applying for now.

Take a look at ten low-lift and unique scholarships you can apply for now that’ll help you out down the line.

Holding Down the Fort

If the robins and squirrels who populate the Siena campus are puzzled as to the spring absence of 3,000 students, they aren’t saying anything. They do have a little bit of human company, though.