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There are a lot of details and moving parts involved when you’re managing a project. A Siena business class is helping students get an overview of everything that needs to be done, whether you’re planning a gala or constructing a new building.

The Project Management class taught by adjunct professor Marie Schnitzer is using the construction of Siena’s new science building as a case study. Schnitzer, a National Grid director, recently took her students on a walk-through of Nobel Hall to get a first-hand look at the results of a well-organized, detailed project.

“The class examines the process involved in managing a wide variety of projects, the skills associated with completing them, and the stakeholders involved,” she said. “It can be a challenge to get your head around something really intensive like the construction of a building, so seeing it in person is a good way to visualize all the steps that need to be considered.”

As their main project for the course, students are asked to create a detailed plan for a hypothetical fundraiser such as a 5K. The 200-level course is a prerequisite for the 400-level Applied Project Management, which offers students the opportunity to become a Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM). 

“Project management also teaches students how to be an effective team member,” said Schnitzer. “Most if not all of them will be part of a team at their future jobs, and they are developing skills here to interact effectively with co-workers.”

Nobel Hall, the new building in Siena’s expanding science complex, is on schedule to be completed in time for the spring 2025 semester. The 40,000-square foot structure will feature all-new specialized laboratories and active learning spaces.

The Siena campus has provided project case studies for Schnitzer’s class before: she and her students tracked the progress of the new Gioia Hall for enrollment management, as well as upgrades to the Marcelle Athletic Center. Mark Frost, Siena’s assistant vice president for facilities management, has often been a guest speaker for the class. 

“I really enjoyed the tour of Nobel Hall. I think it was extremely relevant to our class and showed how project management is really applicable to any field. It was very interesting to see how much went into the planning process of the new building, especially on Siena’s end in regards to fundraising and construction.” 

Rachel Hayes '25

"Careful planning and excellent communication are essential to a project's successful completion. Project success depends largely on managing expectations and comprehending stakeholder needs."

Cate Flanagan ’26