If you're looking to customize your coursework and get a broad-based education, this is the best business degree for you. Added bonus: you can earn your bachelor's degree and MBA in just four years through this program. Siena's business major offers you:

True Customization: Know what distinguishes one business major from the next in an employer’s eyes? Concentrations. That’s why we offer 20 choices and the opportunity to choose two, even three. You'll not only be able to make your degree personal to your goals, you'll increase your marketability in the job market. That’s huge for propelling you into the career of your dreams.

Extreme Mentorship: From our passionate faculty and academic advisors to our career counselors and dedicated internship office, you essentially have a small army supporting your growth and academic path from the day you begin here.

The Ideal Location: Get this—We have more businesses that want Saints than we have Saints seeking internships. That’s because the Capital District is teeming with companies and Siena alumni. Also, we’re near NYC, Boston and other major cities = easy to get to job interviews.

Unique Courses: Since our concentrations are so market-driven and easily updated, it keeps our course catalog interesting. A few examples: Economics of Crime, Fraud and Forensic Accounting, International Marketing, Sports Marketing and Financial Crisis.

Concentration options include*:







Quantitative Business

*You may choose two concentrations from different disciplines.  (This restriction does not include the interdisciplinary concentrations.)  ​If you would like to select two concentrations in the same category, you should consider majoring in that discipline. 

Your Future Success

The average salary of recent Siena business grads is $74,000 (according to a 2016 alumni survey). They work at top companies like Amazon, Bank of America, Bloomberg, CNN, General Electric, J. Crew, JP Morgan Chase, Nestle, Nielson, Target, UPS, Walt Disney World and more.  

The business major has allowed me to personalize my education and become unique in the marketing communications and digital marketing concentration has given me the hands-on experience to turn a casual summer job into an internship.  My entrepreneurship concentration has challenged me to become more creative and thus has given me the ability to look at business situations differently than my peers.

Emma McDonald '19