When an employer is sifting through business major resumes, one thing that can make a candidate stand out from the rest is this: concentrations. But do you know what's even more impressive than having a specialty? 

Having two. Or three. At Siena, we offer 20 concentration choices within our School of Business—that even non-business majors can take on—and our students get to choose more than one. That's huge. 

Offering this many also allows our career counselors to really help Saints get on the path they know they want to be on. How about a few examples? Below you'll find a list of jobs that a lot of Siena students work towards, as well as the concentrations we recommend taking on while here. 

If you want to be a(n)...

information technology auditor, tax auditor, forensic accountant or tax accountant, we recommend these concentrations: Accounting Theory and Foundations + Government & Not-For-Profit Accounting.

bank examiner or financial examiner, we recommend these concentrations: Accounting Theory and Foundations + Fundamentals of Finance.

business development manager, we recommend these concentrations: Ethical Leadership in a Global Environment + Marketing Research and Analytics. 

communications specialist, we recommend these concentrations: Accounting Theory and Foundations + Marketing Communications and Digital Marketing.

economic analyst, we recommend these concentrations: Real World Economics + Business Analytics.

small business owner, we recommend these concentrations: Entrepreneurship + Strategic Human Resource Development.

ethics compliance analyst, we recommend these concentrations: Ethical Leadership in a Global Environment + Business Analytics.

event planner, we recommend these concentrations: Marketing Communications and Digital Marketing + Entrepreneurship.

sports analyst, we recommend these concentrations: Sports and Services Marketing + Business Analytics.

Know what you want to be, and it's not listed here? Contact us. We'll tell you how to get there with the courses and programs we offer. Or better yet, if you're an accepted student, join our class now!