Siena College's communications degree offers tracks in Journalism, Sports Communication, Marketing Communications and Digital Marketing, and Political Communications. You can decide which knowledge and skill set best fits your future. Whatever path you choose, you'll get the right balance between theoretical knowledge and practical skill; you'll learn to think critically about the media and apply what you've learned through hands-on projects and exciting internships.

Journalism Track

Launch your career in broadcasting, writing, reporting, editing, producing and more with Siena's journalism degree. You'll develop sought-after skills in traditional and emerging media while exploring ethics and values. Course options include reporting, journalism, production, feature writing and documentary video, as well as many internship opportunities.

Sports Communications Track

If you dream of working for a professional sports team or in sports broadcasting, this track is the place to start. You'll love taking courses like sports writing and reporting, field production and sports marketing. And Siena's Division I athletics program will provide you with unique, hands-on, resume-building experiences that will give you an edge in the job market. 

Political Communications Track

This track explores how mass media and digital technologies are changing the political landscape of the United States and the world. Students develop the political foundation and communications skills needed  for careers as campaign managers, press secretaries, speechwriters, political strategists, government relations officers, journalists and even political candidates. Course options include both political science and communications courses such as U.S. politics, international relations, mass media and government, political advertising and marketing and political communications. 

Marketing Communications and Digital Marketing Track

Thrive in today's competitive marketing environment by learning how to develop effective, creative marketing and communications campaigns using traditional and digital platforms. You'll also tackle media planning and tactics across traditional, digital, mobile and social channels through hands-on, realistic projects and cases. Coursework includes integrated marketing and communications, consumer behavior and digital marketing.

Communications core courses include: 

  • Digital and Media Literacy
  • Communications Law
  • Communications Research Methods
  • Rhetoric and Writing
  • Rhetoric and Oral Communication

Through the tracks, you'll have the opportunity to select dynamic, tailored classes such as television production, digital marketing, sports writing and reporting, political advertising and marketing, documentary video and more. 

Your Future Success

Siena communications majors are well-prepared for future careers and/or graduate study in public relations, marketing, advertising, journalism, broadcasting, government, politics, law and more.

Lights, Camera, Action

Students in our communications program help produce sporting events that are streamed live to ESPN. They also work in front of and behind the camera in the College’s on-campus television studio. These experiences can lead to all sorts of opportunities in television, including some you could never imagine.