Looking to prepare for a career in music? Come explore our courses in vocal and orchestral performance, music history, and music theory. If theatre is your passion, take performance, theatre management, or set design. Or try your hand at documentary filmmaking, broadcast journalism, graphic design, costume and makeup design, or painting. You can even combine courses in different areas to create an intermedia arts experience.  

Our Saints love getting out of the classroom and getting in the game. As a creative arts student, you’ll have plenty of hands-on and extracurricular opportunities to perfect the craft just right for you. Experiential opportunities include Siena’s chamber orchestra, chamber singers, college chorus, campus radio station (88.3 FM, WVCR The Saint), and theatre productions. Internships are available with local radio and television stations, recording studios, local theatres, galleries, graphic design studios, museums, and photography studios. 

Our Mission: 

The mission of the Creative Arts Department is to engage students with works of the creative imagination. The creative arts curriculum empowers students:

  • To understand the creative process and be able to internalize this process for self-assessment and creative growth. 
  • To understand the fundamental elements of the arts.
  • To demonstrate technical excellence in the skills, tools, materials, and/or software used in their medium(s) of choice, and to apply those skills in practica, internships, independent studies and/or capstones
  • To gain knowledge of historical and contemporary art movements, trends, and genres, and to identify artists relevant to their own process of art-making. 
  • To gain the ability to articulate the content of their own work, and to engage in critical dialogue and thoughtful discourse.

Denise Massman

Department Chair, Associate Professor of Creative Arts

Choose your path

Siena's Creative Arts program offers a customized experience based on your interests and future career goals. Interested in theatre? Maybe music? How about broadcast or visual arts? Look no further.