Saints can exercise imaginative thinking, engage in critical discourse, and learn the technical skills needed to support their passion for the arts through our visual art and design program.

Our program guides students through four phases:

  • Foundational: You will master the fundamental technical and conceptual skills that are applicable across multiple disciplines.
  • Contextual: You will take history and professional development courses to explore not only the background and critical theory of art, but take the first steps towards turning your passion into a profession. 
  • Portfolio Development: You will create a body of work that showcases your skills, competencies, and depth of creative thinking through traditional or digital creative media. 
  • Culmination: The program concludes with a pair of capstone courses where you will complete advanced professional development work and a personalized capstone project. You will be a master of your medium and have a critical understanding of where your work lives within the world of contemporary art. 

Students that complete our bachelor of arts in visual art and design will be prepared to continue on to higher education or professional studies in the arts and related fields, or jump into a career as an artist or creative professional. 


Siena's visual art and design prepares you for success in a variety of fields and careers like: art director, multimedia artist, digital designer, museum curator, graphic designer, craft and fine artist, art conservator, photographer, illustrator, painter, sculptor, exhibit designer, and so many more.