Highlights of being a Spanish major include: service-learning with local reading programs, pre-K schools and nonprofit organizations that serve local immigrant populations; class trips; travel courses to Mexico and Spain; film screenings; tertulias; and research opportunities. You'll learn to communicate in Spanish with confidence, interpret text, analyze cultural materials and gain knowledge about the history and culture of Spanish-speaking countries. 

Programs offered:

  • B.A. in Spanish
  • B.A. in Spanish (education certificate)
  • Minor in Spanish
Interested in studying abroad?

Talk with the faculty in the Spanish program about course equivalencies, and set up an appointment with International Programs! 

Your Future Success

Spanish graduates are employed as elementary and secondary school teachers, writers, editors, legal aids and English teachers abroad, as well as in medical professions, travel businesses, study abroad offices and programs such as AmeriCorps and Teach for America. Many pursue graduate studies in Hispanic studies, Latin American studies, English as a second language and TESOL programs.