Modern Languages

Language learning provides students a means to understand and appreciate the diverse values and beliefs of other nations and peoples. In our programs, Saints grow not only as foreign language users, but also as sensitive cultural speakers who can critically assess themselves and interact with others with an open mind. 



The major in Classics strives to involve students in an investigation into the foundations of Western Civilization, which are to be discovered in our Greco-Roman heritage. Saints study the literature, sculpture, painting and architecture of the ancient world to discover for themselves how the creative, artistic, and intellectual life of the Ancients has given inspiration to and influenced our own culture.

We study the past and prepare students to succeed in an ever-changing global society. You'll have the chance to take travel courses to places like Italy, Greece, Turkey, France and the Netherlands. And you'll build skills that make you sought-after in the job market: creative and critical thinking, problem solving, language skills, cultural literacy, leadership, persuasiveness and communicating with confidence. 


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