Jointly sponsored by Siena and Albany Medical College, the program places special emphasis on combining humanities, ethics and social service with medicine. Students accepted into this program earn a B.A. from Siena after four years and an M.D. from Albany Medical College upon completion of the medical curriculum. This program is designed to guide aspiring physicians beyond knowledge to wisdom in preparation for medical school and a lifetime of service to others.

Program Highlights

  • B.A./M.D. degree that emphasizes the humanities and ethics with a required minor outside the sciences
  • Summer of Service
  • Focus on learning, service, and experiences
  • The MCAT is waived for students in this program
  • Study Abroad in over 50 locations worldwide


“The Siena program is special because of its values. The emphasis on rigorous scholarship blended with compassion and robed in an attitude of service to humanity is the heartbeat, the defining characteristic, of the healing arts.”

Explore, Lead, and Serve

In addition to traditional science courses, students in the Siena/AMC program will minor in humanities and take courses such as: logic/ethics, metaphysics, morals and medicine, medical sociology, health care communication skills. Through coursework, interaction with faculty, and personal experiences, students learn that every medical issue has an ethical dimension that requires a broadly educated physician.

Care & Compassion

A unique and key component of the program is the summer of service experience that students participate in between their junior and senior year. During this time, they travel throughout the world—from Central America to Africa—to live and work among the poor and marginalized.

Siena Admissions

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