Applied physics majors at Siena start with a choice: specialize in mechanical or electrical engineering. 

From there, your journey to becoming an engineer, a physicist and the like, includes exciting hands-on experience from the get go, opportunities for international travel, a foundational knowledge that not all engineers get—and the support of a family-like department who has fun while working hard.

Topics you can explore include:

  • Materials Science
  • Fluid Dynamics
  • Digital Electronics
  • Mechanics
  • Engineering Physics
  • Strength of Materials
  • Engineering Design
  • Computational/Thermal/Modern Physics

Dig deeper—as applied physics majors do—into a few of the highlights of our program here.


While other schools make you wait, Siena wants you in the game—as soon as you’re up for it. Previous Saints have analyzed snowboards, tracked NBA player fatigue and flying squirrels, and studied cosmetics. Whatever your interests, our up-for-anything faculty has your back and can’t wait to research with you.


Climb a wind turbine. Intern at GE. Fly to San Francisco for a conference. When you study applied physics with faculty who trust you, in our just-small-enough classes, big opportunities await. 


Studying applied physics at Siena gives you a huge advantage in your career. We bring scholars together in engineering, physics, computer science, and math to help you understand the science that engineering supports—preparing you to transition directly to the workforce, or pursue graduate work in engineering or physics.  


Real talk? Our applied physics major is rigorous. But our professors don’t limit their support to office hours. They go above and beyond, are always approachable and genuinely want you to succeed. 

John Moustakas

Associate Professor of Physics