Students pursuing the applied physics major can elect to specialize in either mechanical or electrical engineering.

Studying applied physics as an undergraduate gives you an advantage in your career. We bring together scholars in the areas of engineering, physics, computer science, and math to help you understand the science that engineering supports—preparing you to transition directly to the workforce, or pursue graduate work in engineering or physics.  Coupled with Siena's liberal arts education, students studying applied physics are ahead of the game—prepared to think critically, communicate effectively and solve problems that come their way. 

Topics our Saints explore:
  • Materials Science
  • Engineering Physics
  • Fluid Dynamics
  • Strength of Materials
  • Digital Electronics
  • Engineering Design
  • Mechanics
  • Computational/Thermal/Modern Physics

Next Steps

Students who graduate with a B.S. in applied physics will be prepared to pursue further study in engineering through: the 3/2 B.E. program, the 4/1 M.E. program at Clarkson University, or by applying to other masters or Ph.D. programs in engineering.