Siena has academic pathways to careers in medicine, nursing, physical therapy, occupational therapy, physician assistant, mental health and more. Siena faculty members and advisors will walk with you every step of your journey to build knowledge and skills that you can use to serve and to care for others.

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Doctors work one-on-one with patients on diagnosis and treatment. Examples: dentists, optometrists, physicians, physician assistants, and veterinarians. 

Your Path at Siena

→ Choose the right courses and prepare for the medical school application process with one-on-one help from our health professions advisor. Learn more.

→ Apply to the competitive Albany Medical College Program in Science, Humanities and Medicine as a high school senior. 

→ Leverage Siena's early assurance programs and articulation agreements, including one you can apply to after sophomore year with Albany Medical College that waives the MCAT. 


Nurses work as full partners on the healthcare team to care and advocate for patients and families through all stages of illness and health. Nurses also play an integral role in population health providing education and promoting policies to address public health issues both locally and globally. 

Your Path at Siena

→ Siena’s Baldwin Nursing Program offers direct admission, licensure before you graduate, high quality laboratories, a variety of clinical experiences and a caring science curriculum. Learn More about Nursing at Siena

Allied Health and Rehabilitation

These roles execute therapeutic, diagnostic and preventative treatment in a wide variety of patient care settings. There are more than 100 distinct occupations within this field. Examples: dieticians, occupational therapists, physical therapists, speech-language pathologists, recreational therapists.

Your Path at Siena

→ Many Saints major in Health Studies - Health Science or biology. Most importantly, our Health Professions Advisor will help you choose the right courses, apply to graduate programs in your field and launch your career in physical therapy, occupational therapy, nutrition and more. 


These fields are for future leaders of dynamic healthcare organizations such as hospitals, insurance providers, health departments and long term care facilities. Examples: community health director, clinic manager, healthcare executive, health information manager, hospital administrator, nursing home director, public health administrator, wellness program manager. 

Your Path at Siena

→ Major in Health Studies - Administration or Health Studies - Policy and work one on one with a faculty advisor toward graduate school and/or launching your career.  Learn more.

Mental Health

Mental health professionals care for, diagnose and treat children, adolescents and adults with mental illnesses, emotional difficulties, relationship issues and behavioral problems. Examples: behavioral analyst, clinical psychologist, clinical social worker, mental health counselor, psychiatrist, school counselor, therapist.

Your Path at Siena

→ Major in psychology, social work, health studies or sociology and get hands-on experience via labs, internships, service and research—all with the help of a faculty advisor. You'll be preparing for success in graduate school as you explore different mental health career paths.

Helping Professions

There are many healthcare-related careers with a focus on supporting patients by helping them cope with illness and navigate the healthcare system. Examples: clinical social worker, health educators, healthcare social worker, hospital social worker, medical social worker and substance abuse social worker. 

Your Path at Siena

→ Major in social work, sociology, or psychology and explore the world of healthcare through whatever lens you are passionate about. A faculty advisor will help you every step of the way. 


Public health professionals play a range of essential roles in keeping communities safe and healthy. As a public health specialist you could be a disease hunter, a health promotion director, a global policy specialist, a statistician, and more.  Examples: epidemiologists, biostatistician, health promotion specialist, environmental health and safety specialist, occupational safety specialist, lawyer, and economist.

Your Path at Siena

→ Major in health studies, environmental science, economics, or sociology and get hands-on experience via labs, internships, service and research—all with the help of a faculty advisor. You'll be preparing for success in graduate school as you explore different public health career paths.

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