Admissions, Baldwin Nursing Program

Have a feeling you were born to be a nurse? Speed up the process while getting a phenomenal education at Siena.

Through our partnerships Ellis Medicine's Belanger School of Nursing and Maria College's Nursing Department, you can earn two degrees-an associate's and bachelor's in nursing-in four years.

Two degrees, four years!

But rather than us go on about everything you can read on our website, take it from a current nursing student.

Here's why Natasha Nugent '23, from Niskayuna, NY, thinks you should choose Siena College.


I have wanted to be a nurse since I could walk. I knew nursing school would be a rewarding experience, but I was nervous that I couldn't be up for the challenge. The support of the professors and advisors at Siena encouraging me and speaking life into me has made all the difference.

They have given my fellow classmates and myself test-taking strategies, offered review sessions on different content and regularly checked in to make sure we're okay. They have asked me about career goals and given me tips, advice and resources to set me up for success after I graduate.


Most dual degree programs do not necessarily have a nursing lab on site. While Siena nursing students attend a nursing program off-campus that provides educational opportunities, we also have the benefit of having a lab to practice our skills on campus. That way if you are not sure of how to proceed or need extra guidance, you have an additional resource out of the respective programs.

The best part is that we have professors who know what we're learning in our labs and offer to watch us do specific skills and let us know what we are doing and what we can work on. This ensures that we have confidence in our skills when going out into our respective fields. This allows us to feel more confident in practice. It's an amazing benefit that other programs may not offer.


Regardless of which program you are in, you are able to experience different specialties within the nursing field. For one part of the semester, you could have a clinical in pediatrics, another you could be in the ICU. You are afforded the opportunity to see a little bit of everything and see what speaks to you.


While Siena as a whole provides you with the opportunity to make lifelong friends, there is nothing like having friends who know what you're going through. The friends I have made in the nursing program are people who have made such an impact on my life.

We are together for the majority of our week, not because we have to be, but because we want to. We have done Friendsgivings together and Secret Santas. It just goes to show our support and care for one another isn't just nursing school-related, it's because we genuinely like one another. 


I think some people have an idea of what nursing school is like. The assumption is that you eat, sleep and breathe nursing school. While nursing school requires focus and prioritization, I think–based on how you manage your time–you can have time for things outside of nursing school. At Siena, there are clubs you can join, there are events in the SSU that you can attend, and you can take a shuttle off campus to explore Albany. You are not confined to Siena's campus as a student.

I think that the flexibility of what you do with your free time is great. You can't take care of others if you can't take care of yourself. Decompressing and de-stressing are important. There are opportunities where you can branch off and take a breather. I think that is part of the beauty of Siena, you are not limited to your major. You can mingle with other people who have different majors than you. That is something I really appreciate about this community.

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