Admissions, Baldwin Nursing Program

Have a feeling you were born to be a nurse? Speed up the process while getting a phenomenal education at Siena. 

Through our partnership with Ellis Medicine Belanger School of Nursing, you can earn two degrees—associate’s and bachelor’s in nursing—in four years.

Two degrees, four years! 

But rather than us go on about everything you can read about on our website, take it from a nursing student.


Mariah Micare ‘21, from Loudonville, New York, is a nursing student at Siena—and she wouldn’t have it any other way. Here are her five reasons to choose Siena if you also want to start your career as a nurse.

1. You will ALWAYS have a job

The employment for registered nurses is projected to grow 15% from 2016-2026, which is much faster than the average for all occupations. At Siena, there’s a 100% employment rate for the current class of 2019. On top of that, you will graduate with your BSN from Siena and your RN license from the Belanger School of Nursing, with a 95% passing rate of the NCLEX post graduation. This alone makes me so confident about all that I will learn in just four years for my future career!

2. Guaranteed one-on-one time with faculty

The classes at Siena are small in general compared to most schools, but being in the nursing program makes them that much smaller. The faculty/student ratio at the Belanger School of Nursing is 5:1, with Siena College’s faculty/student ratio also only being 12:1. With only 40 Siena students in the Dual Degree Program, you can be sure that faculty will know you by name and make themselves available for anything including questions, frustrations, practice, or even just someone to talk to! This is the main reason I chose to partake in Siena’s nursing program and it is all true. 

3. The professors want you to succeed

On day one, I realized this is not just words, but verified actions by faculty. Professors at both Siena and the Belanger School of Nursing want you to succeed and want you to accomplish your goals. They emphasize their availability to you and support you, as well as wanting us all to be prepared for such rewarding careers. I love this aspect of both schools and how well they work together to achieve this.

4. The best friends you’ve never had, but always wanted

The close knit community at Siena College has encouraged connection amongst us all and I have gotten to know so many people. This is key for studying, homework help, and practicing all the skills we learn in order to be a nurse. Friends are the ones that will get you through the four years at Siena, and make the learning process as well as the overall environment that much more fun. Being part of such a loving student body, has definitely aided in my love for Siena.

5. You can do anything with a BSN

With a Bachelors in Nursing, your opportunities are limitless. You could be a traveling nurse, a nurse anesthetist, a nurse practitioner, specialize in a particular unit at a hospital, a forensic nurse, a nurse in the military, a case manager nurse, a midwife, a prison nurse, a primary care office nurse, a cruise ship nurse, and SO much more—just Google it! This is one of the reasons I chose to go to nursing school at Siena, because in just these four years, I will graduate and have the ability to go into any field I want, and live anywhere I want.

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