Are you interested in pursuing a research-related career or graduate study? Building on the analytical skills you acquire in your major, this certificate program strengthens your understanding of methodologies and approaches through a flexible curriculum that is focused in the areas that best suit your interests and goals. 

The learning goals for this program include:

  • understanding of the philosophical assumptions upon which different methodological approaches are based
  • sensitivity to the important ethical issues that arise when doing research with human subjects, and an understanding of the Institutional Review Board (IRB) application process
  • understanding of the basic differences and similarities between qualitative and quantitative approaches to doing research, and how different methodologies are used within different disciplines
  • appreciation for the integration of different methodologies when doing research;
  • ability and commitment to conduct research that protects the rights of participants, demonstrates responsibility to research and sponsoring organizations, credits the work of others, and respects stakeholders and the natural environment.

Dr. Daniel Lewis

Interdisciplinary Research Methods Certificate Director