In today’s increasingly global, diverse world, knowledge of multiculturalism will put you a step ahead. No matter which field you pursue, Siena’s our program will help you understand, appreciate and work within our diverse world.

As a interdisciplinary program, Saints have the opportunity to explore a wide range of courses about diverse groups. We know not all Saints have the same interests—we've got you covered. You can focus on your own area of interest. 

Do you have a passion for Africana/African-American studies? Enroll in our history courses on the African-American experience and on Africa, an English course on African-American literature or a religious studies course on Islam. 

No matter the approach, the student will have the opportunity to sample a variety of disciplines.

Hear from our Saints

"Whether studying Islam with Dr. Fareed Munir or Native American Studies with Prof. Bob Rivas, I have taken away numerous lessons about how to interact with different groups of people and how to best appreciate their lessons and values. It is incredibly important, I believe, for American students to study more about multicultural history and contemporary issues.” -Brittany Weiss '11