Office of the President

Thank you for your interest in Siena College. I have known Siena as a student, alumnus, Franciscan friar, Trustee, Director of the Franciscan Center for Service and Advocacy, professor and now president. For me, this liberal arts college with Franciscan and Catholic roots is home; it has had a profound effect on me for the greater part of my life.

As we embark upon a new decade, we are keenly aware that we are living in the midst of what many describe as “challenging times.” For some, this description leads them to become extremely cautious so as to avoid threats that may or may not be on the horizon. Others may want to seize the moment and actively seek out the opportunities that may emerge. I believe that St. Francis and his followers tend to take the latter approach. It is the approach we take here at Siena. Our students’ desire to learn and serve grows more powerful while they are living and learning here. When they graduate, they go on to become ethical leaders who make a difference in their communities. I invite you to read about Siena’s accomplishments in the last academic year in the President’s Report.

As Siena approaches its 75th anniversary, we are reviewing the College’s Strategic Plan and refining our goals. I look to all of my advisors – administrators, faculty, students, alumni, partners and friends – to reflect on their Siena experiences and provide input on what they would like to see the College become. Our commitment to Siena and its mission is the strongest possible foundation on which to build this future. As St. Francis said, “Let us begin again!” 




Fr. Kevin Mullen ’75, O.F.M., Ph.D
President, Siena College





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