The Community Policy Institute's mission is to build capacity surrounding policy within the Capital Region. We strive to provide research-based policy information to our community partners who will then use the information to modify best practices and advocate for policies that will further the development and effectiveness of direct community engagement.

CPI Fellows must stay regularly informed on how policies change and progress in New York State, and the resulting effect on the residents of the Capital Region. It is then essential to share this information with those nonprofit organizations who can most constructively use it to lobby and advocate for increased support and resource allocation. For this purpose, CPI Fellows regularly post ongoing policy news on a public database, found at

Through a connected Public Policy course, they learn how to properly aggregate policy data, and condense research, in the form of policy briefs. Based on specific policy questions posed by our partners, the CPI Fellows engage in policy research analysis and reporting across a range of issue areas. In addition to the specific mission of the initiative, CPI exemplifies the larger ACE mission by providing the fellows personal and professional skills to become strong advocates for social justice and sustainable change.


Do you have a public policy question you'd like the Community Policy Institute to research? Propose a question in our online survey. We strive to have all questions proposed by our Capital Region community.

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