Information for Advisees

These pages have been prepared to help you get the most out of your academic experience at Siena College. They are meant as a supplement to our face-to-face meetings and to Siena College's Academic Advising web pages. Please make sure you come in for an appointment at least once a semester before you come in to prepare for registration. You are of course welcome to come in more often if any needs or questions arise. At our midterm meeting, we will discuss any academic problems or concerns you may have. At that time, I will also give you the PIN that you will need to register for the upcoming semester.

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First Year (Freshmen) Advisees      Sophomores and RELG Majors  

Attention All Advisees: PIN Needed for Registration!

To register for courses on the web, all students must enter a unique PIN (personal identification number), which is different from the PIN you use to enter Web for Students. Your academic advisor will give you this PIN (which will change every semester) when you come in for an advising appointment before registration. This means that if you do not see your advisor, you will not be able to register. This policy has been in place since Spring 2005. I will be following it strictly and ask that you plan accordingly. No PINs will be given out by e-mail or phone.