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Joshua Alexander, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Philosophy

  Joshua Alexander, Ph.D.
  Siena Hall 412
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Joshua Alexander joined the philosophy faculty at Siena College as Assistant Professor in Fall 2008.  He received an M.A. in philosophy from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (1999) and his Ph.D. from Indiana University (2008). His work is at the intersection of philosophy and cognitive science, and focuses primarily on the nature of philosophical cognition and intellectual disagreement. He is also interested in the nature of concepts and conceptual competence, the nature of epistemic normativity and the value of knowledge, and a variety of questions in logic and the philosophy of science. He has published articles and reviews in Behavioral and Brain SciencesThe Monist, Philosophical Psychology, Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, Philosophy Compass, Philosophy of Science, and Review of Philosophy and Psychology, and has just published his first book, Experimental Philosophy: An Introduction. He was just awarded a two-year research grant from the Fuller Theological Seminary/Thrive Center for Human Development in concert with the John Templeton Foundation for his research on intellectual humility.

Check out his recent interviews in 3:AM Magazine and The Philosophers' Magazine.