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Sales and Business to Business Marketing

The concentration in sales and business to business marketing equips students to become more engaged with consumers through relationship building and relationship management.

Note: A concentration can be used in different ways depending on a student’s major. Students in the business major pair two concentrations from different disciplines. The concentrations are also available to students in other majors.

This concentration will prepare students to excel in entry-level sales positions and provide the broader framework for future success in upper-level management. In this concentration, students will perform role-playing sales exercises and analyze cases in a realistic business setting. Students gain a firm grounding in the essentials of sales and selling strategies while developing the analytical tools needed to thrive in today’s rapidly evolving and competitive business environment.

This concentration is suitable for students that plan to pursue a career in customer relationship management in both business to consumers and business to business areas. Students pursuing this concentration
are well prepared for careers, which begin in professional selling and often lead to positions in sales management and marketing. Many of our graduates choose to continue working in professional selling throughout their careers because of the many opportunities which the field offers. Common career options include: sales representatives, sales and service representatives, customer relationship managers, and sales managers.

Business Major

Siena's business major provides both a strong overview of business subjects and an opportunity to dive deeper into two areas of interest through its concentrations.