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Not-For-Profit Consulting

This concentration examines the role of consulting as an opportunity to enhance not-for-profit performance and sustainability.

Note: A concentration can be used in different ways depending on a student’s major. Students in the business major pair two concentrations from different disciplines. The concentrations are also available to students in other majors.

Emphasis will be placed on skills and techniques for providing consulting services to not-for-profits. Topics in these courses will include consulting skills, technical skills, and social justice. Students will learn and practice skills that will enhance their consulting abilities. This concentration is excellent preparation for students who want to work as a consultant with a specific emphasis on not-for-profits. Students pursuing this concentration must apply for, and be accepted into, the NEXT program through the Academic and Community Engagement Office prior to senior year,

Business Major

Siena's business major provides both a strong overview of business subjects and an opportunity to dive deeper into two areas of interest through its concentrations.