Interdisciplinary Minors and Certificate

Interdisciplinary Minors and Certificate

The Siena College Department of Sociology offers three interdisciplinary minors and one interdisciplinary certificate. These are minors in: Criminal Justice, Health Studies, and International Studies; and the Certificate in Community Development.

Certificate in Community Development

The Certificate in Community Development makes it possible for all Siena students to have an enriched, hands-on academic pathway to community service and engagement.

Dr. Mathew Johnson, Director Office of Academic Community Engagement and Associate Professor of Sociology/Environmental Studies, directs the certificate. Follow this link to learn more.

Minor in Criminal Justice

The minor introduces students to the main components of the criminal justice system: policing, courts, and corrections. However, what is unique about the minor is its emphasis on the critical examination of crime, justice and punishment. Students study the colonial foundations of the American legal system, 4th, 5th, 6th Amendments and the Criminal Law, theories of criminology, deviance, mass incarceration and prisons among other issues. The minor prepares students for careers in Law, Law Enforcement, Non-Profit, Government and Human Rights Organizations.

Director: Dr. Suvarna Cherukuri, Associate Professor of Sociology

Minor in Health Studies

The Health Studies minor provides students with a cohesive core of courses that focus on significant aspects of health care issues in American society today. The minor also offers speciality courses that examine health care systems in the developed and developing worlds. It prepares students for careers in medicine, public health and nonprofit organizations. The minor can also benefit students by making them a more marketable candidate in the work world.

Director: Dr. Duane Matcha, Professor of Sociology

Minor in International Studies

The International Studies minor complements all majors and prepares students to "address the challenges of an ever-changing" world and diverse society. Students will examine how their personal decisions and those of U.S. Citizens affect and are being affected by decisions beyond our borders. They will also see that most careers, whether in the arts, non-profit, health, business, social policy/action are pursued within a global context.

Director: Dr. Sudarat Musikawong, Associate Professor of Sociology

Department Chair

Beverly Thompson

Beverly J. Yuen Thompson

Associate Professor of Sociology

322 Rosetti Hall

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