Biology at Siena College

As a biology major, you will develop an appreciation of biology at all levels—from molecules to populations—integrated within the context of Darwinian evolution. Our unique combination of academic rigor and close student-faculty relationships give our graduates the strong foundation they need for successful careers in all fields of Biology. Regardless of your specific career path, the critical thinking and hands-on laboratory and field skills that you develop while a biology major will give you a significant advantage over the competition when entering graduate programs and careers.

Our Saints Succeed

Over 90% of Siena students who apply for medical programs are accepted, more than double the national average. In fact, The Princeton Review has ranked Siena as one of the best programs nationwide for biology majors!

Get in the Game

Looking for hands-on learning experience that spans far outside the classroom walls? Check out some of the research our faculty and students have worked on. 

Small Classes

We have small lecture and laboratory classes taught by faculty, not TA's! In our laboratory-intensive curriculum, students work directly with full-time faculty who are experts in their discipline.


In the Field

Biology majors at Siena have numerous opportunities to work in natural settings, either in field-based courses like Ecology or by working independently with one of our faculty members conducting fieldwork.

Biology Department Learning Goals

A student completing the Biology Program at Siena will have:

  1. Demonstrated an understanding of the process of science and developed an appreciation of contemporary issues in biology.
  2. Demonstrated competence with equipment and experimental methods.
  3. Developed independent research skills and an ability to apply basic mathematical techniques in the biological sciences.
  4. Learned important facts and concepts relevant to the discipline.
  5. Demonstrated critical thinking by successfully applying fundamental biological concepts to novel scenarios.

I have been challenged to do my best work all four years in the program and I learned to not only take responsibility to learn from my mistakes, but to be proud of my accomplishments and use them as tools to acquire more knowledge.

Elizabeth Rogan '15