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The 2021-2022 academic year promises to be an eventful time for students and faculty in the Department of Mathematics, as some big events have occurred and will occur.

To start, congratulations is in order for Dr. Bannon, who is taking over from Dr. Krylov as the Department of Mathematics Chair. So, please wish Dr. Bannon well on his new appointment and give Dr. Krylov some words of appreciation for all of his hard work over the last few years as department chair.

The department also has news with regards to the National Science Foundation, as Dr. Greenhalgh was awarded an NSF grant to develop new compartmental models with undergraduate students over the next 3 years.

Another noteworthy news item is that the Hudson River Undergraduate Mathematics Conference is finally returning to Siena in Spring 2022!! Stay tuned for volunteer, presentation, and poster presentation opportunities. 

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For further details see the SCoop write-up available here, or check out the student reports on the origins of zombies and cost-effective ways to prevent uprisings, or watch a video presentation.



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  • ANALYZING COVID AS A MATH PROBLEMReal-world applications of mathematics to model the spread of COVID-19 and a tick-borne illness were the subjects of two separate research projects by CURCA summer scholars.  For details see the write-up here

    Find out by minoring in the NEW statistics minor, which will start in Fall 2020. The new minor provides students with tools commonly used in statistical analysis and the interpretation of data. Therefore, the new minor is a perfect complement to quantitative majors, such as Data Science, Actuarial Science, Biology, and Math, among many many others. A special thanks goes out to Dr. Tosun for developing the program.
  • The Department of Mathematics is happy to share the news that 3 new math courses have been approved by the college. The courses, which focus on Regression analysis (MATH 372), Advanced Statistical Methods (MATH 375), and Fundamental Topics in Applied Math (MATH 399), are all slated for roll out sometime soon!

    Public health policies have mixed results depending on the infectious disease. Face coverings, for example, have flattened the curve against COVID-19, but they will be of little use during a zombie outbreak. For details on how to survive, click here 

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Whether developing software, designing an experiment, or interpreting experimental data, Siena’s math courses will help you build a strong foundation to make you more efficient and effective. Adding a math minor provides you with an edge in the job marketplace-no matter what your goals!

Jon Bannon

Department Chair, Professor of Mathematics