Job Placement

Siena math majors with an Education Certification in Mathematics enjoy an almost 100% placement record after graduation.

Long term success

Over the last 30 years approximately 200 of our mathematics majors have become secondary mathematics educators. While 50% of new teachers quit the teaching profession in their first five years, over 90% of our graduates are still teaching.


When one of our students arrived at a school to work with her cooperating teacher she was told: “You’re from Siena so you must be good.” Our mathematics students student-teach in almost every school system within 25 miles of campus.

The Association of Mathematics Teachers of New York State awards four scholarships per year to the most promising new mathematics teachers from 75 New York colleges and universities. Siena students have been awarded 5 out of the last 70 scholarships.

Content knowledge

You will major in mathematics and earn New York State Secondary Teaching Certification in Mathematics. You will leave with the mathematics and education skills needed to succeed.

Commitment to Excellence

At Siena, we are committed to helping you develop into an outstanding mathematics educator.


Our college program is accredited by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education, the teaching profession’s gold standard in establishing high quality teacher preparation.


We have a history of being a state and national leader in mathematics education. This is evidenced by continual grant support from government and private organizations. Our students participate directly in all of the activities supported by these grants including our latest grant, a $1.2 million National Science Foundation grant to support the development of teachers for high-needs schools.


Our faculty are dedicated to teaching and advising undergraduate students. We know that young people can change their minds about career decisions. We carefully advise students to keep other career options open in case they find that teaching is not for them.


For certification, students must maintain at least a 2.75 GPA in Mathematics courses and 3.0 GPA in Education courses. As per New York State standards only a grade of C or above are acceptable towards meeting content core and pedagogical core requirements.  As such, students must complete the requirements for the BA or BS degree in either Applied Mathematics or Mathematics, and complete the courses of Euclidean and Non-Euclidean Geometry (MATH 360), and Probability for Statistics (MATH 371).

Recent Highlights of the Math Ed Program

Cory delaGorgendiere (2014) was recognized with one of four Association of Mathematics Teachers of New York State scholarships for being one of the most promising new mathematics teachers in the state. 

Thirteen Siena students engaged almost 100 4th grade students in a challenging mathematical problem solving program, which culminated with the 2nd Roessleville Mathematics Symposium, an event modeled after a professional mathematics conference. Kristen Nersesian (2014), with professor Jim Matthews, gave a workshop for teachers on this project at the Hudson Mohawk Mathematics Educators Conference. 

Yomary Rodriguez (2014) and physics major Danielle Berish (2014) with professors Michelle McColgan and Jim Matthews presented recent field experience at the Noyce Northeast Conference in Boston, Massachusetts. 

Emily Casey (2014), Cory delaGorgendiere (2014), and Yomary Rodriguez (2014) with Professor Jim Matthews directed a workshop on innovative teaching at a National Science Foundation conference in Washington D.C.

"I decided on Mathematics Education because all too often high school students dread math, and I want to be the person that changes their mindset and shows them the importance of mathematics and just how powerful it can be." - Amy Peterson (Class of 2014)