The Department of Mathematics mission is to introduce the language, ideas, and active process of doing mathematics through its courses and programs. To achieve this mission we create a culture that promotes awareness of the great problems and applications of mathematics, the nature of mathematics research, and provide a solid grounding in contemporary mathematical ideas and techniques. Our courses are designed to provide students with the tools they need to succeed, whether majors are preparing for graduate school, the workforce, or non-majors seeking to understand the mathematical viewpoint.

Learning Goals

A student who has completed the mathematics program at Siena will:

  1. Exhibit awareness of the great problems of mathematics, past and present, and the nature of mathematics research.
  2. Know the language of mathematics and basics of mathematical deductive reasoning.
  3. Communicate mathematical ideas with clarity and coherence through writing and speaking.
  4. Apply mathematical models to phenomena of the natural sciences.
  5. Make conjectures and prove propositions within the axiomatic structures of mathematics.
  6. Use technology to enhance mathematical learning.