Class work is only part of the learning experience IN the Department of Mathematics.

Extracurricular events with students and faculty help build a fun and supportive community for everyone within the department. Below, find activities and events that occur within the Department of Mathematics throughout the academic year. 

The Pi Mu Epsilon Math Honor Society inductees
The Annual Siena Integration Bee
The Hudson River Undergraduate Mathematics Conference
The Math Speaker Series
Game and/or movie night
and more...

For those in the Siena community that share a love of math, feel free to participate, watch, or cheer at any of these fun events!


Quasicrystals, Chaos, and Neuron Modeling: in the Math Speaker Series, mathematicians from around the Northeast introduce Siena students to interesting, useful and fun mathematics.

Fall 2019

MACHINE LEARNING MODELS IN PRIMARY CARE DECISION SUPPORT - Dan Loman '14 and Francesca Romano '14, Allied Health.

From calculus to combinatorial topology and back. - Ehssan Khanmohammadi, Union College


Using calculus and other fundamental math in research. - Kseniya Klyachko
Deriving explicit factors of Dickson polynomials from a-cyclotomic polynomials over finite fields - Dr. Cemile Tosun

FALL 2018

Fun with mathematics and voting: how should we decide how to decide? - Dr. Jan Cameron (Vassar College)

Mathematica 11 in Education and Research - Paul Winterbotham (Wolfram)



The Frobenius Problem - Dr. Xiao Xiao (Utica College)

Treatment and recovery in differential equation models of disease spread - Dr. Scott Greenhalgh (Queen's University)

Algebraic groups of solutions of two Diophantine equations a^2+mb^2=c^2 and x^2-my^2=1 - Dr. Nikolai Krylov and Elena Covill (Siena College)

Prior to  Fall 2016

Math magic - Katelynn Kochalski (University of Virginia)

Three flavors of billiards - Dr. Diana Davis (Williams College)

A look at the landscape - Dr. Natalie Cartwright (SUNY New Paltz)

Will an insect outbreak occur? - Kiah Wah Ong (Indiana University)

Graphical Model for 3-Way Kidney Transplant Donor Exchanges - Csilla Szabo (Skidmore College)

Dimension Reduction with PCA - Daniel Smitas (Siena College)

Combinatorics? - William Adamczak (Siena College)

A panel discussion on Research Experience for Undergraduates - Catherine Sullivan and Elena Covill (Siena College)

Wolfram Technologies in Education and Research - Paul Winterbotham (Wolfram Research)

Modern Math in medieval Islamic Architecture - Peter J. Lu (Harvard University)

Connes' Embedding Conjecture - Eli Bashwinger (Siena College)

Topological Tools in Image Analysis - Dr. Ellen Gasparovic (Union College)

Irrationality of Pi - Dr. Dan Smitas (Siena College)

Contributions of Polish Émigrés to Mathematics in the United States in the Pre-World War II Period - Dr. Emelie Kenney (Siena College)

Analyzing SNPs Interaction using Computational Algebraic Geometry - Catherine Sullivan (Siena College)

Words Within Words: A Recursive Approach to Catalan Numbers and Fine Numbers - Dr. David Vella (Skidmore College)

Beyond Complex: the Quaternions - Dr. Jeff Jauregui (Union College)

The Axiom of Choice - Dr. Jon Bannon (Siena College)

Nonexistence in Mathematics - Dr. Mohammad Javaheri (Siena College)

Paths, Symmetries, and Conservation Laws - Dr. Rajan Mehta (Smith College)

Symmetric groups and roller-coaster permutations - Dr. William Adamczak (Siena College)

Imagining the universe - Dr. Brad Henry, Siena College

What happened when we tried to find the half-derivative of a polynomial - Nikolai Krylov and Zhangyuan Li (Siena College)

Neuronal Network Models of Sensory Processes - Dr. Pamela Fuller (RPI) 

The Tree of Pythagorean Triples - Dr. Charles Scheim (Hartwick College) 



School of Science Dean, John Cummings, celebrating Pi-day at the Pi-your-professor inaugural event (March 14, 2019). 



Siena is home to the Alpha Epsilon chapter of the National Math Honor Society Pi Mu Epsilon. Members are chosen based on academic performance and inducted each spring. 

2019 INDUCTEES (FROM LEFT TO RIGHT) BACK ROW: Bailey Pratt, Keith Grable, Spencer Tibbitts, FRONT ROW: Stephanie Cambrea, Kaley Brindisi.

2018 INDUCTEES (FROM LEFT TO RIGHT) Stephanie Roden, Brigid Wynne, Bridget Humphrey, Michael Morrissey, Erin McCormack, Erin Morrell, Allison Mahoney, Sarah Van Etten, Kevin Napier, Kenneth Lucas, Skye Haskell

2017 INDUCTEES (FROM LEFT TO RIGHT) Brigid Wynne, Rina Sakai, Stephanie Roden, Robert Olsen, Bridget Humphrey, Christina Papapodoulos, Daniel Carpenter, and Michael Montrauli)



Each spring the Math Department hosts the Siena Integration Bee. With over three rounds, students and faculty put their skills to the test! 

2017 Integration Bee winners (from left to right) Elena Covill (first place) Ellen Sharkey (third place) and Andrew Kwok (second place).


Each spring, Siena students present their recent research projects at the Hudson River Undergraduate Mathematics Conference (HRUMC). Dr. Emelie Kenney, along with faculty from nearby institutions, created HRUMC and the first conference was held at Siena in 1994. The most recent conference had over 140 student and faculty speakers!

HRUMC 2014: Jordan Holoboski, Adam Dukehart, Marissa Bianchi, and Jacob Blackwood


At least once per term, students and faculty gather for an evening of strategy games (Set, Ricochet Robots, Hex, Blockus, Chess, etc.) and brain-teaser puzzles. Powered by pizza, the group solves challenging puzzles and puts their strategic thinking to the test.

Ricochet Robots grandmasters!