Computer science careers are diverse and exciting, employment opportunities are increasing, and starting salaries are among the highest for bachelor’s degree graduates. As a computer science major at Siena, you’ll study topics including Java programming, user interface design, hardware, computer graphics, robotics, databases, web design, and artificial intelligence. 

With the help of these faculty members our Saints succeed. 

  • You will acquire a base of knowledge and skills in software engineering upon which a lifetime of on-going learning and professional development can be built. 
  • Learn to apply critical thinking skills and technology to defining, modeling, analyzing, evaluating, developing, and testing solutions to computing problems. 
  • Develop teamwork skills necessary to produce technical solutions collaboratively as a member of a group. 
  • Communicate computing ideas with clarity and coherence to technical and non-technical audiences through writing and speaking.

Emma Bostian '15

"After taking Intro to Computer Science, I quickly fell in love. I chose computer science because it challenged my logical reasoning skills while still giving me the aspect of creativity I sought in a career."

Want more?

If you are looking to supplement your major, consider a minor in information systems or computer science. In the information systems minor, you will focus on how technology can be used to collect, create and distribute data. 

Kevin Conner '15

​"My most meaningful experience at Siena was my relationship with the computer science faculty. They are all experts in their respective fields and really want to see their students succeed. They are willing to help with your questions and challenge you to go above and beyond the minimum."

Be in the know

What can I do with a major in computer science? I've never written a computer program before, is that okay? What type of computer should I buy? You've got questions-we've got answers!

Eric Breimer

Department Chair, Associate Professor of Computer Science