Siena’s finance major focuses on the nature and practice of financial-decision making. This major provides you with skills and knowledge you need to identify financial problems, analyze their impact, and design innovative solutions which will withstand critical examination. You will gain valuable hands-on experience using the tools and technology of the financial industry via our state-of-the-art Hickey Financial Technology Center. One-hundred percent of our students are Bloomberg certified and 72 percent participate in internships. Saints are prepared to succeed!

Experience at your fingertips

In our Hickey Financial Technology Center (HFTC), students use professional tools and databases to make real-time decisions managing real money. All Siena finance majors complete industry recognized Bloomberg certification and participate in projects that teach you real-world skills necessary for success in the finance industry.

Can't Argue the Numbers

Our finance program was ranked 5th in New York State by Zippia, ranking ahead of many programs at larger schools. 

Remy Fields '15

Knew he wanted to be a business or finance major; looked at Siena because of its excellent programs. “You can talk with the faculty about anything; it’s nice to connect with your teachers. They’re there to help get you to your future.”

Gain real-world experience on Wall Street

Siena finance majors have the opportunity to gain real-world experience through internships and class trips to Wall Street. 

Your choices are limitless

What can you do with a major in finance? Our program prepares you for a wide range of careers including: investment analysis, corporate financial planning, portfolio management, financial advising, bank management and control, and much more!


Department Chair, Associate Professor of Finance