Part of the Siena College’s identity as a Catholic liberal arts college is a commitment to the value of philosophy. In this tradition, philosophy is the place where students are provided with the opportunity to reflect on the most fundamental questions of human existence: questions about the nature of knowledge and understanding, the nature of choice and identity, the nature of action and excellence, and the nature of morality and virtue, to name just a few.

Our department is committed to providing a range of courses that make Siena College’s philosophy requirement a meaningful part of every student’s college education. These courses teach students to think clearly and critically about the most important questions of life, and help them explore not only how things are, but also how they could have been and how they ought to be. Philosophy courses help students develop the ability to critically evaluate diverse positions and arguments, the ability to construct and defend their own positions on a variety of topics and issues, and the ability to apply those positions and insights to their own lives. In short, philosophy courses help students begin to live “the examined life.”