As a chemistry or biochemistry major at Siena, you will have the opportunity to be engaged in research both on campus and around the globe, learn from faculty members who are teacher-scholars, and utilize our state-of-the-art facilities in Morrell Science Center. That's just the beginning:

  • It is not uncommon for chemistry students to become involved in research as early as their Freshman yearour students don't sit on the sidelines!
  • Our SAInT Center houses cutting edge, research grade scientific instrumentsequipment that you may not get your hands on until graduate school at other colleges.
  • Our students and faculty can work with large datasets and simulations using the Siena College High Performance Computing Center.
  • Our curriculum emphasizes the development of skills in critical thinking, communication, research, advanced instrumentation, data analysis, and technical writing to prepare students for the workforce or graduate and professional school.


Hands-On Learning

“Chemistry: The central science.” That phrase, popularized in a 1977 chemistry textbook, refers to the link that chemistry provides between the physical sciences, mathematics, biological sciences, and the environment. Chemistry and biochemistry play a fundamental role in our everyday lives—from the air we breathe, the water we drink, and soil we walk upon to the food we eat, the medicine that improves our health, and the clothes we wear. Our labs help to analyze just that!

Careers in Chemistry and Biochemistry

A degree in chemistry or biochemistry from Siena College will prepare you for graduate work in chemistry or biochemistry, as well as careers in industry, research, pharmaceuticals, education, engineering, environmental science, forensic science, medicine, and medical technology.

Our Research

All of our majors participate in research during their senior year, but most choose to become involved much earlier, even as early as their first semester at Siena. Research projects with Chemistry and Biochemistry faculty are multidisciplinary and diverse, so students and faculty can explore many aspects of chemical science.