General Chemistry Laboratory (MSC 240)

General Chemistry laboratory is taught by our faculty to small sections of 16 or fewer students. The laboratory space was designed to enhance the degree of student-student and student-faculty interaction. In addition to standard laboratory benches and fume hoods, students regularly use research-grade analytical balances and Vernier hand-held LabQuest devices that integrate with a variety of scientific probes for data acquisition and analysis and the lab's 12 MacBooks.

Organic Chemistry Laboratory (MSC 237)

Organic chemistry laboratory is taught in a dedicated laboratory with eight workstations and fume hoods designed to accommodate 16 students working in pairs. While much of the instrumentation and equipment needed for experiments is housed in the laboratory, it is conveniently located across the hallway from the SAInT Center, giving students and faculty the opportunity to characterize the compounds they synthesize with state-of-the-art instrumentation.

Advanced Laboratory (MSC 214/215)

All of Siena's advanced laboratory courses are taught in two adjoining labs that were designed to serve the needs of the upper level chemistry courses, including analytical chemistry, inorganic synthesis, physical chemistry, environmental chemistry, and physical biochemistry laboratory courses. The upper level lab courses are taught by full-time faculty in their fields of expertise. The advanced laboratory suite is adjacent to the SAInT Center for ready access to advanced instrumentation.

SAInT Center (MSC 212)

State-of-the-art instrumentation is the heart of a modern chemistry program, so this lab is centrally located to provide maximal access for all courses and research programs. For more information, please visit the SAInT Center webpage.

Computational Facilities

Computational science is a continually growing field that has found applications in many disciplines, including Chemistry and Biochemistry. Our department includes a computational aspect in many of our classes. There is a dedicated computer lab (MSC 229) with chemistry and biochemistry specific software installed on each machine. Frequently computational resources are used to visualization complex molecular structure, which provides great insight into how chemistry takes place. Siena College has a dedicated High Performance Computing Center which has research grade computational tools available. This resource is used to augment the general chemistry and organic chemistry laboratory experience.

Research Laboratories

Every Chemistry and Biochemistry faculty member has an active research program that involves undergraduates. Fully equipped research laboratories are directly connected to faculty offices, allowing faulty to easily mentor research students.