Mission & Learning Goals


The Social Work Program is committed to graduating entry-level professional social workers of the highest caliber. Our student-centered program prepares for practice in a technologically advanced society with a diverse range of individuals, families, groups, organizations and communities. Designed to facilitate practice within a global perspective, our curriculum is based on a model that encompasses the strengths perspective, holistic/ecological systems theory, and cultural competence.


In keeping with the Liberal Arts focus and Franciscan Traditions of Siena College, and the values of our profession, our mission is:

  • To prepare baccalaureate students for effective generalist social work practice, equipped with the requisite professional knowledge, values, ethics, and skills.
  • To foster dynamic interactions and a healthy exchange of ideas within the Program, College, and broader community.
  • To facilitate critical thinking augmented with the creativity and natural curiosity of our students.  
  • To promote conditions which encourage respect for human diversity.
  • To foster a commitment to social and economic justice, and provide students with strategies to eliminate human oppression, economic deprivation, and discrimination, and to become leaders in creating a just world.

Learning Goals

 Upon completion of the Social Work Program, students will gain the knowledge, values, and skills:

  • To master the 10 competencies and 41 practice behaviors specified by CSWE's 2008 Educational Policies and Accreditation Standards (EPAS).
  • To engage in evidence-based practice in a diversity affirming and culturally competent manner.
  • To advocate for social and economic justice through participation in social action.
  • To acquire a strong professional identity through ongoing self-reflection, and a lifetime commitment to professional development.

Social Work majors take part in Joseph's House 2016 Winter Walk for the Homeless
Social Work majors take part in Joseph's House 2016 Winter Walk for the Homeless

Department Chair

Donna McIntosh

Donna D. McIntosh

Professor of Social Work

310 Rosetti Hall

(518) 783‑4261